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Why you love it...
“I add Barley grass to my shakes and my porridge to get in those daily nutrients!” - John
Why we love it...
Barley Grass Powder from TPW™ is premium sourced for maximum efficacy. It is a very versatile green powder supplement that is widely used by athletes due to its high concentrations of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes.



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What is Barley Grass Powder?

Barley Grass Powder from TPW™ is premium sourced for maximum efficacy. It is a very versatile green powder supplement that is widely used by athletes due to its high concentrations of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes.

Barley Grass has been shown to help with supporting the immune system, enhancing recovery and even aiding the oxygen carrying capabilities of the blood, which can directly help improve exercise intensity.

Barley Grass Powder from The Protein Works™ is a very versatile green powder supplement, immensely popular due to its high concentrations of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes. It’s been used a lot more in sports nutrition in recent years following impressive research that showed it can help in a wide variety of areas from supporting the immune system to enhancing recovery.

What are The Benefits of Barley Grass Powder?

The high chlorophyll content of Barley Grass has made the headlines in recent times. Chlorophyll has a very similar structure to haemoglobin (the red, oxygen carrying cells in the blood) and so supplementing with it has been shown to help improve the oxygen carrying capabilities of the blood. This in turn can improve endurance, sports performance and brain function. Barley Grass has also been found to provide extra ‘defences’ against unhealthy toxins. This is because again the chlorophyll content acts as a powerful anti-oxidant that essentially helps neutralise harmful toxins in the body by purifying the blood and cleansing the cells.

Why is Barley Grass Powder Good For You?

Barley Grass has also been found to have an alkalizing effect on the body. This means it’s capable of controlling PH levels ensuring they don’t become too acidic. It is therefore very useful for anyone following a PH diet. Finally, Barley Grass is a great food supplement to add to your diet since many experts believe bacteria and viruses are unable to thrive in an environment where the environment is more alkaline.

What's The Best Barley Grass Powder Supplement?

Here at TPW™, you can have supreme confidence in the product quality and supply source. Each ingredient supplier must pass rigorous audits and checks before being given the TPW™ quality seal of approval. Traceability, quality, and consistency are the three things we demand on every single ingredient. This is our philosophy that flows through every product we manufacture and sets us apart in the world of sports nutrition today. Click on the Product Profile to see full product information for your absolute peace of mind.

How Are Barley Grass Powder Supplements Made?

Please note that this product is produced in-house at our very own production facility. It is supplied in a re-sealable foil pouch to ensure freshness and a scoop is included free of charge in every product.

11 May 2016

I add Barley grass to my shakes and my porridge to get in those daily nutrients

11 October 2015

Good product
This isn't a great tasting product, but that's not what it's for, really good benefits and if you add orange juice then the taste is not as bad, but it's worth it, too many benefits too ignore

26 August 2015

Barley Grass Powder
Does what it says on the tin. I dilute it with a juice and job done. Great product.
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15 June 2014

Earthy goodness
Vibrant colour and smells, unsurprisingly, like grass. I mix it in with my protein shake and it doesn't taint it too much. Very slightly chalky texture but I know it's doing me good so I can forgive that. Very good product.

20 July 2013

Barley grass
Anything good for you doesn't taste brilliant but mix it with orange juice and it's pleasant.. Ish. Clears you out well.

Disclaimer: Customer reviews are independent and reflect customer's personal experiences. Individual results may vary. Products designed to be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and training plan.

Additional Information

Values based on: No
Energy (kJ) No
Energy (kcal) No
Fat (g) No
of which Saturates (g) No
Carbohydrates (g) No
of which Sugars (g) No
Fibre (g) No
Protein (g) No
Salt (g) No
Cholesterol (mg) No
Sodium (mg) No
Calcium (mg) No
Please Note: No


Serving Size: 6g (three medium BLACK 5ml scoops)

We recommend taking 6g (three medium Black scoops) of Barley Grass 1-3 times daily, or as desired.

Add 150-250ml of water or juice to your TPW™ Master Blender. Then add three medium 5ml black scoops (6g). Shake well and consume. We advise that you gradually introduce Barley Grass to your diet in order to let your body adjust to any detoxification effects.

IMPORTANT: Before use, please check the included scoop is BLACK. If not, please contact us on 0845-4672411.


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Q. When should I use TPW™ Barley Grass?

A. It depends on your lifestyle and goals, we recommend following the suggested serving guidelines.

Q. What are main reasons for using TPW™ Barley Grass?

A. For enhanced recovery, immune support and ultimately helping the body rejuvenate.

Q. Are there any specific health benefits associated with TPW™ Barley Grass?

A. Yes many of the benefits of TPW™ Barley Grass are associated with health but generally it’s used to detox and cleanse the body.

Q. Is all Barley Grass the same no matter what brand you use?

A. As with so many things in life, if you don't ask the right questions, you won't get the right answers! The quality of ingredient can vary significantly and therefore the potency will do too. In addition, just because a product may be called pure it doesn't mean that it necessarily is. We recommend you read the ingredients and nutritionals on the label to better understand exactly what you are buying. We can assure you that our products are 100% pure. At TPW™, we are committed to transparency and openness in all our products and that is why we provide a 'Product Profile' which gives a complete overview of the product's background including our approval, location of manufacture and money back guarantee applicability.

Q. How can I tell if the Barley Grass I buy is good quality?

A. Look for the Certificate of Analysis which will give you the assurance that what you are buying is what it says it is.

Q. Can I use TPW™ Barley Grass with other supplements?

A. Yes absolutely. Because Barley Grass helps the body in a very different way to any other supplement it’s basically a great addition to any supplement routine.

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