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ISO-CHARGE™ from THE PROTEIN WORKS™ is an advanced isotonic formula specifically designed to contribute to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue during training and competition. Unlike most isotonics on the market today made with simple sugars, which are not ideal for sports performance, Iso-Charge™ uses a totally unique carb and electrolyte blend produced from natural native coconut powder and whey permeate.

The result is a ground-breaking isotonic intra workout formula that is naturally high in nutrients, electrolytes and natural sugars. Iso-Charge™ can contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism and normal muscle function. It has been designed for consumption pre, during and post workout for optimal results.

  • Unique Electrolyte & Carb Blend
  • Naturally High in Nutrients & Sugars
  • Designed For Pre, Intra & Post Training
  • Isotonic Helps Maintain Hydration



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The Small Print

As with all new product launches, this promotion is strictly based on a specified amount of promotion stock. Once this stock has gone, products will return to standard stocks at full price. Please order early to avoid disappointment! Offer price is only available whilst promo stocks last, or until midnight Wednesday 16th July 2014, whichever is sooner.

Be sure to regularly check out the New Arrivals section on our site for all the latest innovations fresh out of the TPW™ Lab. Plus as always, don't forget if you have have a product idea or request then please get in touch through our unique New Product Request feature.

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