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Why you love it...
"Have diet noodles for lunch or dinner. Great taste will be buying again." - Debbie
Why we love it...
Diet Noodles are a great tasting alternative to your carbohydrate-dense traditional noodle, providing only 20 calories per 100g and low in carbohydrates. Low in fat, low in sugar and a great source of fibre, TPW™ Diet Noodles are ideal for those on a low carbohydrate diet.
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What are Diet Noodles?

Diet Noodlesfrom THE PROTEIN WORKS™ make an awesome low-carb change from the traditional noodle, which tend to come packed with carbohydrates and calories. TPW™ Diet Noodles are a delicious alternative, fat-free and with only 20 calories per 100g, making them a great fit for anyone following an energy-restricted, low carb diet. The beauty of TPW™ Diet Noodles is that, unlike a lot of 'low fat/low calorie' alternatives to regular foods, they have a similar look and consistency to regular off-the-shelf noodles, but with the additional nutritional benefits that you'll love.

How do I include Diet Noodles in my diet?

TPW™ Diet Noodles are incredibly versatile and taste great when added to wide range of foods, including salads, stir frys and soups meaning you can experiment to find the perfect low-carb, low calorie dish! That's what we've been doing at HQ, as TPW™ Diet Noodles have quickly become a lunchtime favourite for those in the office looking to lose weight. We know that when attempting to lose weight, it can become frustrating when so many foods become off limits. It was for this reason we made the decision to use glucomannan flour for our TPW™ Diet Noodles so that we could provide you with a top quality product that is designed to help you reach your goals, without requiring a drastic change in diet.

What is Konjac Glucommanan?

TPW™ Diet Noodles are made from glucomannan flour. Glucomannan (Konjac) is a natural, water-soluable dietary fibre, extracted from the Amorphophalli Konjac plant found in South-East Asia. The great news is that, when taken in an optimal amount, glucomannan is scientifically proven to contribute to weight loss and to help maintain healthy blood cholesterol levels. So, if you're serious about your weight loss goals, then make sure TPW™ Diet Noodles have a spot in your kitchen cupboard. It's a no-brainer!

Diet Noodles Quality Assurance

Here at THE PROTEIN WORKS™, you can have supreme confidence in the product quality and supply source. Each ingredient supplier must pass rigorous audits and checks before we award them the TPW™ quality seal of approval. We demand traceability, quality, and consistency on every single ingredient we use. This philosophy that runs through every product we manufacture and sets us apart in the world of sports nutrition today. We are also the only brand to offer a Lifetime Guarantee across its products giving you absolute peace of mind.

22 June 2016

These are great for bulking up a meal especially if you're trying to cut back on carbs. Great for stir fry and don't taste bad.

24 May 2016

Perfecto! Great in the wok with bean sprouts, veg and chow mein sauce!

24 May 2016

Great Addition
These are a great addition to the diet. I use them when I am cutting, and they're great for producing that same satiety you would expect to get from your usual carbohydrates. They substitute pasta perfectly. They've got no taste, so they don't taste bad. I add tomatoes and chilli flakes to mine which produces a flavour to my taste. Anything can added to these, just like to pasta etc. Now a staple part of my cutting days.

24 April 2016

Have these for lunch or dinner, great taste will be buying again.

Disclaimer: Customer reviews are independent and reflect customer's personal experiences. Individual results may vary. Products designed to be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and training plan.


Serving Size: 1 pack of TPW™ Diet Noodles

Drain water from the bag, rinse under cold water then place in the microwave on full power for 1 minute or alternatively heat in a pan for 2-3 minutes.


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Q. What do TPW™ Diet Noodles taste like?

A. TPW™ Diet Noodles have a similar look and consistency to regular supermarket noodles.

Q. What benefits do TPW™ Diet Noodles provide, compared to regular noodles?

A. TPW™ Diet Noodles are fat free and much lower in both calories and carbohydrates than regular off-the-shelf noodles. This makes them a great option for anyone following low carb diet. They are made with glucomannan flour, which is proven to aid weight loss.

Q. What foods do you recommend eating with my TPW™ Diet Noodles?

A. The good thing about TPW™ Diet Noodles is that they are really versatile, and are great with many different types of food. Popular options include adding them to stir fry, soups and salads, but the options are almost endless.

Q. Are there any side effects from eating TPW™ Diet Noodles

A. You’ll be happy to know that we haven’t seen or heard of any side effects from eating Diet Noodles.

Q. Who should consume TPW™ Diet Noodles?

A. TPW™ Diet Noodles are suitable for anyone, but they are ideal for those looking to lose weight on a low carbohydrate, energy restricted diet.

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