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The TPW Lean Muscle Range

Summers' coming a-knockin'! Pull that head out the sand, ruffle up those feathers and shake off the nay-sayers, it's time to double up on efforts & max the out put of any time you can put into your body. As is the TPW™ way, we're mobilizing a movement to find your Y this Summer. Beach BodY, Bare BodY, Bear BodY, Buff BodY, whatever the goal, let us amp up your Y and chase down the body you want. This week we're dropping knowledge bombs on LEAN MUSCLE so check out the below.
We are super proud of our lean muscle range here at TPW™, with our collection packed full of premium flavours, low calorie formulas and fresh, protein bakery diet snacks.
Whatever you need to help you on your fitness journey, we've got it all here for you. And for limited time only, get up to 75% OFF the lot!


The Lean Muscle Shake.

Helping you with your goals is our number 1 priority here at TPW, which is why when you need a shake for your lean muscle goals, we give you the purest, leanest and protein-packed shakes around! In each shake we use only the finest protein sources, whether it's whey, soy or plant based.

We've got something for everyone, from vegan to gluten free. Just take your pick and choose from our long list of all-natural, delicious flavours. Enjoy!

Supplement Your Goal.

We don't stop at protein shakes, because we are here every step of the way.

Creatines, aminos, protein-packed greens, carb sources and more. Check out our range of supps to get the best out of your journey. If you're not quite sure what you need, or need a little help choosing, check out our Quick Start Product Selector.. A TPW feature that personally picks products for you, deepening on your goals and lifestyle.


High Carbohydrate Vs High Fat Diet

Read below for one of the most fiercely debated topics in fitness

In the last few years one of the most fiercely debated topics in fitness has been whether High Fat (HF) or High Carbohydrate (CHO) diets are 'better' for fat loss. Advocates of HF diets claiming High CHO diets, particularly those high in simple sugars, have led to increased obesity, insulin resistance and diabetes.

On the other side High CHO supporters have proposed that HF diets increase Cardiovascular Disease risk, diabetes and cancer risk due to excessive abdominal fat. Extreme, almost cult like devotion, to their chosen side has led to pointless scaremongering and confusion across the board.

HF diets have been linked with many health benefits. Lowering bodyweight, total cholesterol levels, blood pressure and Triglyceride (Fat) blood levels. Increasing High Density Lipoproteins (HDL's) and lowering serum insulin and blood glucose levels, believed to aid in the prevention and control of diabetes. Read More Here...


Our Top Lean Muscle Picks

Check out our top picks for your lean muscle goals below, what's more, you can get up to 50% OFF these goodies right now!

The Lean Muscle Recipe Hub

Banoffee Pancakes

Banoffee Pancakes

Topped with zero calorie
and zero fat syrups.

High Protein Ice Cream

High Protein Ice-Cream

Low fat, high protein
the dream ice-cream!

Nut Butter Recipes

Nut Butter Recipes

Protein-packed and
full of goodness.

High Protein Porridge

High Protein Porridge

The perfect high protein


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