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Diet Protein Truffles™ could be the greatest diet-inspired creation to ever leave the TPW™ Bakery. This is a bold statement we know, but just one look at the awesome flavours, nutrient profile and unrivalled ingredient list and things become clear. Freshly made by hand and scientifically formulated, these high protein gems are creating a real stir across the sports nutrition industry.

Diet Protein Truffles™ are hand-crafted using our award-winning premium whey protein to a highly formulated in-house recipe. This includes infusing the protein blend with microencapsulated CLA, acetyl L-carnitine, chromium picolinate and fat-reduced cocoa powder to create a great tasting snack.


Diet Protein Truffles


Fresh Out of the TPW™ Bakery

Everything about our Diet Protein Truffles™ challenges the conventional perception of diet snacks. Our mission is for protein and diet snacks to no longer be seen as a poor substitute taste wise for your favorite snacks. This was the reason we created the industry's first Protein Bakery developing hand-crafted sports nutrition products. Diet Protein Truffles™ happily go toe-to-toe with any snack you can think of. Yes, they’re that good!

Our bakery offers bespoke, in-house protein bakery innovations using our heavily protected breakthrough protein fusion technology. It’s this unique facility that allowed us to place protein at the core of each incredible protein snack we bake, and not just as an added ingredient.



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