" 100% naturally flavoured, gold-coated and dipped in indulgent white chocolate -
the greatest Protein Truffle yet...



The World's First...

  • Charity protein truffle
  • Over 10g of protein per truffle
  • Hand-made in the Protein Bakery™
  • Made with our award winning whey
  • Raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust
  • £1 of every pack sold goes straight to charity
  • Gold-coated & dipped in smooth white chocolate


Protein Brownies




The Story So Far...


Presenting the world's first White Chocolate Gold Protein Truffle! A hand-made, bakery-fresh protein delicacy coated in pure edible gold. Each and every one is proudly produced in the TPW™ Protein Bakery and made with our award-winning whey protein. Containing over 10g of premium-grade protein per truffle, the TPW™ Bakers individually shape each truffle using authentic artisan baking methods before naturally flavouring every single one.


The Teenage Cancer Trust

Pure protein has never looked or tasted so good. Each truffle is gold. Each truffle is healthy. But most importantly, these one-off editions are launched with the Teenage Cancer Trust to raise money to build world-class cancer services for young people in the UK. Our aim is to help provide life-changing care and support so young people don’t have to face cancer alone. Around seven young people aged between 13 and 24 are diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK - which is why £1 of every pack of Protein Truffles sold goes directly to the Teenage Cancer Trust to help the truly inspiring people who make this specialist care possible.


Inspiration for the Truffle

The creation of the White Chocolate Gold Protein Truffle was inspired by a stunt performed by our resident athlete adventurer Ross Edgley, who ran a marathon pulling a 1.4 tonne car across Silverstone’s Race Circuit. The media dubbed it the World’s Strongest Marathon and after 19 hours (and many blisters and rope burns) it raised lots for charity. But what was the celebratory post-race food? Yes, you guessed it. Protein truffles!

Check out his latest, charity-inspired stunt here!






Get involved with #GOLDENTRUFFLES and check out who is loving our latest innovation!



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