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PURE & NATURAL award-winning nutrition
200 NUTRITION INNOVATIONS to keep you smashing it
OVER 4 MILLION social reach and climbing
FREE DELIVERY when you hit the magic £50


No Suits or Ties

The massive growth over the past year has been great to see, and as we mentioned yesterday, the strength of the TPW™ community has played a key role in making it happen. We're not a faceless corporate organisation. We were started by three guys who invested their life-savings with a driven vision and passion for a different kind of sports nutrition. At TPW™ Towers, you won't see a suit and tie in sight, just an exceptional team working relentlessly in what they believe in.


Share the Success

The success of TPW™ has meant we've been able to get more efficient in so many areas of the business, while keeping things very personal. That's just the way it'll always be. This efficiency however also means we've been able to make some cost savings, which we could easily keep to ourselves. We're not going to do that.



From today, we're handing these savings back to you in the shape of some pretty wide-ranging price reductions. We're not talking obscure products here, but many of our biggest sellers that you've come to depend on and love. These are permanent reductions ACROSS OVER 250 PRICES that hopefully make it easier on your pocket. It's just our way of showing our appreciation and saying thanks for being a part of the TPW™ team.





Want to Help Us Reduce Prices Even Further?

Recommend a Friend

If we keep growing, we'll be able to innovate more, offer you more features and reduce prices further. One really easy way of helping us get there is to Recommend a Friend to TPW™. Let's face it, by getting your mates and colleagues on to TPW™, you're doing them a massive favour!


How it Works

For every new customer you recommend, you'll get rewarded. When your recommended friend pays us, we'll pay you. It's that simple. Paying it forward is a WIN-WIN-WIN! To find out more about Recommending a Friend, click here.

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