Vegan Bundles


Your Vegan Venture awaits with Protein Works Vegan Bundles. We've always said don't underestimate the power of the plant, and that's true with these bundles. Our supplements have stemmed from months of research and testing, to make sure that your taste buds are tingling for more just after one mouthful.

Specifically engineered and selected into easy to buy bundles, every supplement compliments each other, adding benefits to your fitness journey. If that doesn't put you at ease you can always contact our stress-free customer support, who will talk you through everything and anything you want to know. These bundles include; Vegan Protein Shakes, Vegan Powders, Vegan Multivitamins,Vegan BCAAs, Vegan Pre-Workouts, and many more insane Protein Works Vegan Supplements.

    • Vegan Complete Meal Collection Bundle
      Vegan Complete Meal Collection Bundle

      “Absolutely fantastic value! I'm so shocked.” - Will

    • Vegan Weight Loss Starter Bundle
      Vegan Weight Loss Starter Bundle

      "Delivery has always been on or before projected date. Taste is absolutely spot on, would ...Sarah


      OFFER: €49.99!

      OFFER: €49.99