Wholefood Powders


Packed full of 100% Natural goodies TPW™ Wholefood Powders are a force not to be messed with. Each pouch of powder contains no nasties at all and is only made using the finest of ingredients sourced across the globe but manufactured in the UK, at TPW™ Towers.

This means with every mouthful, spoonful, or however else you want to consume it contains everything you could ever want from a Whole Food Powder. Not only this but each powder is subject to over 100 flavour taste tests, and only when it gets the thumbs up from everyone at TPW™ is it put into full swing for all our customers. We never back down from flavour, and understand how important it is to make sure you enjoy everything about our Whole Food Powders. You really are spoilt for choice, including such nutrition innovations as Green Tea Extract, Super Greens and many more. It's like being a kid on a candy store looking on THE PROTEIN WORKS™ website.

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