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As you know Protein Works have been innovating the sports nutrition industry since 2012. A lot can happen in that time, New Products, New Insane Flavours, to name a few.

You may have become a little bit overwhelmed at the innovation Protein Works Wizards are constantly creating, or you just want a few selections of our favourites here at Protein Works, so we've picked a few of our recommendations for you to take a look at (if we could put all our products on this page we would, they're really all amazing) but we've managed to select some outstanding protein packed goodies, that we don't want you missing out on! After all, No Protein, No Party as we say here at Protein Works. Let your taste buds tingle as you scroll down, we apologise in advance for making you feel hungry!

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  1. Vegan Wondershake
    Vegan Wondershake
    Rating: 99%
    99% of 100
    “By a mile, the best vegan protein shake I’ve had. An absolute game changer for me and I’...Ashley
    was from €59,99 from €41,99
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  2.  Diet Shakes
    Vegan Diet Meal Replacement
    Rating: 98%
    98% of 100
    “Tried this as an alternative to Huel and very glad I did. As well as having a great taste,...Sam*
    was from €24,99 from €17,49
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  3. Vegan Protein
    Vegan Protein
    Rating: 99%
    99% of 100
    "WOW. I did not expect to like this so much….Love this product…Would defo recommend 10/10...Aimee*
    was from €24,99 from €18,74
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  4. Vegan Protein Extreme
    Vegan Protein Extreme
    Rating: 99%
    99% of 100
    “Hands down the best vegan protein I've tried. Love the choice of flavours and they all ...Taylor
    was from €29,99 from €20,99
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  5. Egg White Protein
    Egg White Protein 80
    Rating: 93%
    93% of 100
    “This mixes so well and perfect for me as I'm lactose intolerant! ” – Laura
    was from €34,99 from €27,99
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