Vegan Snack Samples

Let's dip your toes into the world that is Vegan Snacks, and discover the benefits available for you. Our Vegan Snack samples make it easy to try before you buy. We also have full boxes of these bad boys, because we know you'll be craving for more! Make it a Vegan Victory from today onwards and enter the land of protein-rich, nutrient dense, Vegan-Friendly Snack Samples!

TPW™ Wizards have been tingling their taste buds again, coming up with new insane flavours for you to try out. The Protein Crunkie has become an industry favourite and is often described as the 'Swiss Army Knife' of bars. Basically, you can't live without it. Just one of our vegan protein bars on offer. Don't forget to keep your eye out on our deals and discounts by subscribing to the email list, and if you need further details of the products just click below to reveal the magic.

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