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Protein Shakes


Protein Shakes: Video Tutorial


With Ross Edgley: Sport Scientist At The Protein Works™


Protein Shakes: The Basics


There are a lot of misconceptions around protein shakes. How are they made? Are there different manufacturing processes you need to be aware of? What are the key differences between each protein powder? Which is why at THE PROTEIN WORKS™ we've decided to put together a series of videos explaining everything you need to know about them. Forming a key part of THE LOCKER ROOM this new video segment to THE PROTEIN WORKS™ website is part of our commitment to educate and empower customers and usher in a new era of transparent and all natural sports nutrition.



Protein Shakes: Ask Your Question


Protein shakes as a topic in sports science is huge. It needs more than a short video to do it justice. This is why Ross stresses this first protein shake video only covers the absolute basics. So please visit the THE LOCKER ROOM and expand your understanding beyond just whey protein and casein. Because the truth is there are hundreds more protein shakes out there, each with their own unique nutritional properties.
Finally, there will be many, many more videos broadcast from TPW™ Towers. But whilst we can talk all day every day about sports nutrition we'd love to know what you want them to be about. No question is too big or small. Training based or nutritionally themed we want to hear them. So take to social media and let the team know.



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