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Proven ProductsAs well as all TPW™ products all coming with the assurance of being PURE, the second part of our product philosophy focuses on ensuring all our products being PROVEN. For us, it's not about bold claims without substance nor is it about including several great sounding proteins in your formula but not telling you how much of each one.

We prefer to be 100% transparent and provide all the information you need to make informed judgements on the quality of our sports nutrition supplements. As you will see below, there is much more to our PROVEN way of thinking than just transparency. If you're not happy with any of our products, for whatever reason, we'll listen and fix it. End of story.


Product Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of the ingredients of all our products that we have taken the unprecedented step of offering a Lifetime money back guarantee across our entire range. We don't think you will ever need it, but it's good to know that it's there should you ever have an issue. As with all these things, there are some terms and conditions around the guarantee to ensure we all do things the right way and it's not abused.

Once again, it's just another thing we've put in place to give you the ultimate peace of mind and assurance when you buy from THE PROTEIN WORKS™. Read full details about the LIFETIME GUARANTEE terms and conditions here.


Protein Insight

Nearly all sports nutrition brands in the market today talk about total protein content, but that's only half the story. Two important questions are which proteins are used in my supplements and how much of each one? Different proteins cost different amounts and have different protein content values. For example, soy protein is a cheaper protein than whey protein and has a lower biological value (BV). So if your supplement contains a significant amount of soy protein, then the chances are it will be an inferior product than a pure whey protein product. But how do you know how much of each protein is in your protein shake? The simple answer is that unless it is stated on the label, you don't!

At TPW™, we specify the protein types and amounts of each one on our labels and on our website so you have complete transparency on what you are buying. In the example below, you can see 3 multi-protein blends. Product X looks like a good product as it has four proteins in it including whey protein isolate with its ultra high protein content. However, the amount of whey protein isolate in this product may literally be 0.5%. In other words, just enough so it can stated on the label, but not enough to have any real benefits.



Product X

Product Y


TPW™ Product

Described as...

Protein Blend

Protein Blend


Pro-5 Complex

Total Protein Content





Proteins on Label

Milk Protein Concentrate

Milk Protein Concentrate


Milk Protein Concentrate (31.0%)

Whey Protein Concentrate

Soy Protein Isolate


Whey Protein Concentrate (22.0%)

Soy Protein Isolate

Whey Protein Concentrate


Whey Protein Isolate (18.0%)

Whey Protein Isolate

Whey Protein Isolate


Calcium Caseinate (14.1%)

Egg White Protein

Egg White Protein 


Egg White Protein (4.0%)


Product Y on the other hand, whilst also being a multi-protein blend has soy protein higher up the list of ingredients. Legally, ingredients on a label must be prioritised from the highest to the lowest contained within the product itself. So this product could contain as much as 49% soy protein and you simply wouldn't know.

Our Pro 5 Complex however includes four carefully selected proteins to ensure a controlled phased release of nutrients which delivers a tapered supply of protein and amino acids to the body and muscles. Not only that, you can clearly see how much of each protein type is contained within the product giving you the peace of mind that this is a premium blend. You can find full information on every protein we formulate and sell on our website. Just click on the Protein Insight link on a protein product page for full disclosure on the proteins contained in the product.


Protein Insight


As we always tell people we talk to about their supplements, there are some exceptional products out there on the market today and we applaud the brands who have designed them. We simply recommend you to ask these questions to your brand of choice and ensure you get the right answers. As a consumer you have the right to know what you are getting for your money. At least, at TPW™ we think you do! For us, it's a given.


Independent Product Certification

Every single sourced TPW™ product comes with an independent certificate of analysis to demonstrate its quality. Each certificate breaks down the component elements of the product to effectively show its own internal DNA and gives you the reassurance that the raw ingredients are PROVEN by an independent organisation not connected to TPW™. We always show the very latest certifications so you know the actual product you are buying is of the highest quality. You won't find any out of date certificates of analysis on our website.


Online Product Reviews

As much as love to, we try to avoid going on about how great our products are, how great they taste and so on. We prefer to leave this to our customers who are much more objective and tell us straight whether something makes the grade or not. It means we don't need to pay for market research like all the big brands do as you guys just tell us how it is on a daily basis and we react to what you are telling us on a daily basis.

Having our own manufacturing facility means if we need to tweak a formula, create a new size, beef up a flavour, and anything else enough of you tell us needs doing, we can get straight on to it and just do it. If you aren't happy then we aren't happy. Anyone who buys one of our products has the right to leave a product review and tell everyone what they really think. As a little thank you for your feedback on behalf of the entire TPW™ community, for every published product review we credit your account with 10 TPW™ points for you to spend on future purchases whenever you want. For more information, visit our Loyalty Points section.


Accurate Product Ratings

To make your life easier when weighing up which product to buy, we have introduced a ratings system. Rather than simply show you the standard 5 star rating system, we decided to take it to the next level. So on every product you will be able to find a rating out of 100%. This means you get a much more accurate ratings score for each product. You won't end up with 5 star rating fatigue, but actually meaningful ratings on every product to make choosing that much easier.

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