The UK has been gripped by THE PROTEIN WORKS™ fever. Spreading far and wide every town now comes complete with a pouch of Cherry Bakewell flavoured whey and there are rumours Protein Flapjack Luxe will replace the traditional haggis. It’s a National Protein Fest!



Which is why we wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate and the spread the love a little more with the #ShareTheLove hashtag. Supercharging our hugely popular Refer a Friend scheme it means every friend you get to join TPW™ gets 250g FREE Whey Protein 80 and you get £10 in your TPW™ account. Everyone wins!


How to #ShareTheLove

1. Simply take to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram
2. Proudly post the name your hometown & use #ShareTheLove
3. We reply with your unique TPW™ Code & Link
4. Every time a friend uses that code you get £10 straight into your TPW™ Account and they get 250g FREE Whey Protein #Winning



- More Friends, More Love, More FREE Supplements -






Tips To #ShareTheLove

1. Post your unique TPW™ Link EVERYWHERE on Twitter, Facebook, Forums and send it viral
2. Post your TPW™ Code on your gym notice board
3. Memorize your TPW™ Code and tell your friends, mum, dad and anyone who will listen



TPW™ Fact

Some People Have NEVER Paid For Their Supplements Doing This



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