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The Locker Room™




The Locker Room™ is the social heartbeat of THE PROTEIN WORKS™. This exclusive area belongs to you, our customers, offering a wealth of information on training tips, diet, supplementation and a whole lot more! You can chat about just about anything on the Forums and get advice and opinions from the wider TPW™ Community. You can read the Blogs created by beginners, pro athletes and everyone in between. Finally, there is our ever growing Articles section written by experts in health & fitness, offering a free resource for you to tap in to. As a TPW™ customer you have 'access all areas' and can contribute as much or as little as you like. The Locker Room™ is yours to help achieve your goals.



Forum Talk


Read, contribute or start your own threads in the 'Forums' section. A great little debate bubbling away to get you going. Innovation is built into the DNA here at TPW™ Towers and we strive each and every day to raise the bar with sports nutrition products. And now we want your ideas for brand new products, flavours or anything else that you want to see unleashed by the TPW™ Lab in 2014 and beyond! So jump on and have your say...




Latest Article


Get stuck in now and check out all the latest articles, including this one by trainer Jay Provan. Do you focus on tempo and intensity during your sessions? If you're looking to ensure maximal tension, a smoother range of motion and enhanced results, check out this guide to 'Tempo Training'. "It's not all about reps, it's intensity that will drive your results." says Jay...





Recipe Nation


New Year fitness journies and great new recipes are now in the Blogs. Start your own and read and support others, including this great new TPW™ infused recipe by Ian Graham, The Abs Coach. Are you feeling especially creative with your TPW™ supps this month? Be inspired by Lemon & Blueberry Protein Muffins starring TPW™ supplement cupboard staples Whey Protein 80, Pure Fine Oats, Flaxseed and Stevia Extract...





TPW™ Blog Post


The latest blog post from Team TPW™ is now live! As you've come to expect from us, the focus is on innovation. At the core of the vision for TPW™, there has always been one over-riding, all-important ethos and that is to BE DIFFERENT. So jump on and check out what we're up to and what you can expect in 2014 and beyond. As always, we welcome your comments and feedback...






Your usual TPW™ login details gain you access to all areas of THE LOCKER ROOM™, plus allow you to contribute in every section with your views and experiences. So what are you waiting for?!


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