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Tpw™ Philosophy


Contact UsThe most important part of what we do is the product itself. We refuse to compromise or cut corners in any part of our development or manufacturing process and as a result can offer exceptional products at low online prices. We call it "premium value".

Despite a lot of big business now entering the sports nutrition sector, we are 100% independent and proud of it. We have invested heavily in our own manufacturing facility so we can control the entire process from formulation to delivery to you. Our focus on the detail means high quality levels are maintained throughout. For more information on our in-house manufacturing facility, view Your Money.


The Way We Do Things

At TPW™ we like to keep things simple. Life is easier that way. We place the utmost importance on openness and transparency in everything we do. For example, every protein product comes with a full protein breakdown. This is not the norm in the industry as many brands prefer not to share exactly which proteins and in what quantities they include in their protein formulas. We think you should know so you are 100% clear on what you are getting for your money.

Product pages also contain Product Profiles so you can see the key information on each of our products and all this is backed up with the very latest independent Certificates of Analysis for the ultimate peace of mind.

When it comes to the ingredients, we only ever use natural colours and flavours and we never use fillers or thickeners in our supplements. We believe things work better and taste better this way. Even though it costs more for us to produce, we keep our prices to you as low as possible so you get unbeatable value for money every time.


Who We Listen To

We are pretty blinkered when it comes to who we listen to inside TPW™ HQ. The only people who have our ear, are you! We truly value and appreciate the support we get from our customers and we focus on listening to what you have to say, whatever it might be, so we can keep doing what we do well and change what we can do better.

There are several ways you can talk to us and let us know what you really think:

Everyone here gets the chance to speak to customers directly in our Customer Service department as we think it's the best way to keep in touch with your views and opinions. That includes the good, the bad the ugly. Seriously, tell us what you really think.


No Big Marketing Budgets

Our number one marketing tool is you, our customers. The TPW™ Recommend a Friend programme rewards all you in a big way for recommending your mates to give us a try. In a nutshell, you get a fiver for every new customer you recommend and they get some free protein. It's a great deal all round. We think you can do a much better job of explaining what we're all about to others than any big budget ad campaign could ever do.

For more information on our referral programme, view TPW™ Loyalty Points.


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