SuperMeal Kit Bundle
SuperMeal Kit Bundle

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SuperMeal Kit Bundle

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Best SellerApple & Cinnamon  Apple & Cinnamon
Double Chocolate  Double Chocolate
Salted Caramel  Salted Caramel
Summer Berry FeastSummer Berry Feast
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Chick'n & SweetcornChick'n & Sweetcorn
Cream of Tomato Cream of Tomato
Green Thai CurryGreen Thai Curry
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Bangin' BurritoBangin' Burrito
Cheeky Tikka MasalaCheeky Tikka Masala
Garlic 'n' Mushroom MacGarlic 'n' Mushroom Mac
Best SellerKickin' Korean NoodleKickin' Korean Noodle
Mac 'n' CheezeMac 'n' Cheeze
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30 Day SuperMeal Kit - Now just €54.99
Including FREE Savoury Meal Jar
SuperMeal Kit Bundle
SuperMeal Kit Bundle

30 Day SuperMeal Kit for One.

Superfood Breakfast Bowl

Bowls of SuperMeals on chopping board

Superfood Breakfast Bowl

*Voted Best Vegan Protein Cereal. Grab a spoon and dive into a nutritious and healthy Superfood Breakfast Bowl. Each bowl is made with real food ingredients, packed with heart-healthy fibre, and is naturally high in protein and slow release carbohydrates to keep you fuelled throughout the morning.

What's Included in a SuperMeal Kit?
  • check_circle10 servings Superfood Breakfast Bowl
  • check_circle10 SuperSoups
  • check_circle10 SuperMeals
  • check_circleFREE Savoury Meal Jar
  • check_circleNutritionally Complete Meals
  • check_circleMeal Kit For €54.99

Step 1

Hold lid & shake pouch/tub upside to mix contents.


Step 2:

Superfood Breakfast Bowl - Add 2 scoops (60g) of Superfood to a bowl. SuperSoups - Add 2 scoops (60g) to a bowl/jar. SuperMeals- Add 2-3 scoops to a heatproof bowl/jar for 60g -2 scoops/ 90g -3 scoops.


Step 3:

Superfood Breakfast Bowl - Add 150ml of your favourite milk. SuperSoups - Simply add 200-250ml of boiling water to your bowl. SuperMeals- Pour on boiling water & stir contents well. 60g -135ml/ 90g -200ml.


Step 4:

For SuperMeals and SuperSoups seal with a lid/plate & side aside for 6 mins.


Step 5:

Give your meal one final stir, then enjoy.

How to Make a SuperMeal.

How to Make a SuperMeal.

What's on the Menu?

Take your pick from our range of SuperMeals recipes

Bangin' Burrito

Upgrade your Tex-Mex game with bell peppers, black-eyed beans and a secret selection of herbs and spices, fused with rice and avocado oil for a fulfilling, satisfying meal.

Thai Curry Sensation

Combining creamy coconut milk, aromatic red Thai spices, and red quinoa, creating a perfect balance of heat and spice.

Mac 'n' Cheeze

A bowl of Mac 'n' Cheeze for just 330 calories? Yes, we made it possible. Pasta, cheeze and sundried tomatoes combine in this filling classic.

Cheeky Tikka Masala

Reinventing the nation’s favourite curry, Cheeky Tikka Masala’s unique blend of coconut milk, spices, couscous, peas, sultanas and more gives an authentic taste of Indian cuisine. No time or culinary skills required!

Spaghetti Bol'amaze

Get ready to enjoy a PW team favourite: introducing Spaghetti Bol'amaze. Our Bol'amze sauce is made with the finest ingredients, perfectly seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices. It’s the perfect nutritionally complete meal, to keep you fuller for longer any time of day.

Garlic 'n' Mushroom Mac

Keeping you full from lunch until dinner. Garlic, mushroom and onion combine with macaroni pasta in this 100% nutritionally complete meal.

Tasty Chick'n Noodle

This Tasty Chick'n Noodle recipe is 100% vegan and bursting with flavour. Chick'n flavoured broth combines with spaghetti noodles, whole foods and sweetcorn to get your taste buds tingling.

Kickin’ Korean Noodle

Kickin’ Korean Noodle is infused with all the flavours that we associate with tasty Korean cuisine. It features a mixture of noodles, Korean spices, tomato, garlic, onion, chilli to create a meal packed with fusion-fuelled flavour.

Your Questions, Answered.

A SuperMeal Kit Bundle has been specially designed to offer nutritionally complete meals that are easily calorie controlled and better value for money. Every SuperMeal Kit Bundle includes Superfood Breakfast Bowl, SuperSoups, SuperMeals and FREE Savoury Meal Jar. 

SuperMeal Kits offer a convenient and effective way for you to prioritise nutrition and make healthier meal choices. A SuperMeal kit can save time not only in meal preparation but also in decision-making, as they eliminate the need to plan meals and shop for ingredients, making it even easier to fit in to your busy lifestyle. 

Each Meal has it's own individual nutritional profile;

Superfood Breakfast Bowl - Each bowl is made with real food ingredients, packed with heart-healthy fibre, and is naturally high in protein and slow release carbohydrates to keep you fuelled throughout the morning.

SuperSoups - SuperSoups are the answer to a nutritionally complete hot soup, with a range of delicious flavours which are super easy to make.

SuperMeals - Each SuperMeal is packed with the perfect balance of protein, fibre, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and essential minerals. Stay full for up to 4 hours thanks to high levels of protein and fibre.

Each SuperMeal Kit is complete with our Savoury Meal Jar, to make cooking and eating your hot meals easier and yummier. Even Better, it's FREE.

Each SuperMeal Kit is perfectly calories controlled, containing less than 750 calories. We've done the meal prep and portion sizes, making meal planning even more convenient and less time-consuming for you. 

Superfood Breakast Bowl: 

Serving Size = 60g

Simply follow the instructions below:

1. Shake the pouch to mix the ingredients thoroughly.

2.Add 2 scoops (60g) to a heatproof bowl.

3.Add 150ml of your favourite milk.

4.Mix and microwave for 1 ½ minutes.

5.Mix and leave to stand for 4 minutes


Step 1: Add a 60g single serving of your chosen SuperSoups flavour to a bowl. 

Step 2: Simply add 200-250ml of boiling water to your bowl.

Step 3: Stir well and leave standing for 2 minutes to thicken. Give your soup one final stir and enjoy.


Step 1: Hold lid & shake tub upside to mix contents.

Step 2: Add 2-3 scoops to a heatproof bowl/mug 60g -2 scoops/ 90g -3 scoops.

Step 3: Pour on boiling water & stir contents well. 60g -135ml/ 90g -200ml.

Step 4: Seal with a lid/plate & side aside for 6 mins.

Step 5: Give your meal one final stir, then enjoy.

Unfortunately, our SuperMeal Kit isn't suitable for vegans. Alternatively our Savoury SuperMeals are suitable for vegans. 



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Customer Reviews

  1. Good for on the go!

    Easy to make at work. Gives me more time to do other things on my lunch break :)
  2. Tastes a bit bland but is filling and nutritious

    I bought this as I struggle to eat breakfast that's healthy and keeps you full. All recipes online include things like berries and yogurts which I don't like the taste of. I bought the chocolate flavour and it's okay. It's got a subtle chocolate/seed taste, the flavour is a bit bland but it's nutritious and filling. The portion size is really good and following the instructions, I got a perfect result. I noticed there was a 1 star review on this product and I disagree with it as it's never a good idea to start off with a big bag of product, it's always better to buy a smaller bag to taste it before you commit to a bigger one. It's not the best tasting thing ever, again the chocolate flavour is a bit bland but for me the important thing is eating a nutritious breakfast that keeps you full. You can also buy their syrups to put it in to give it some extra flavour.
  3. Nutritious and Convenient

    I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and quality. A great option for quick, healthy meals!"
  4. Super handy to have in the cupboard

    Love having these, I like to meal prep at the weekends but this is a great backup for when I'm running out of time. The Thai Curry Sensation is my favourite, a nice kick to it and really good flavour.
  5. The berry one is very good

    I like this on mornings when i dont want something hot. Really does the job
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