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In a world of conformity, where being different is lambasted and even caring to challenge is beaten to a pulp by those with deep pockets, we dare to stand out. At THE PROTEIN WORKS™, we eat, sleep and breathe what we do to the point that passion and life blur into a single vision. We don't do corporate, and we definitely don't do one size fits all. For us, if you're not committed to what you do, then you're doing the wrong thing.

With more innovations in products and digital marketing than the competition have had hot dinners, we have grown in a very short space of time to be a pan-European nutrition brand that defies all logic. We're a start-up with an engine and mindset without limits. For sure, we're fast growing, multi-award winning and the bane of every multi-national business that plays in OUR space. We innovate, formulate and produce over 1,000 product lines, most of them from right here at TPW™ Towers. That's pretty cool however you look at it.



THE PROTEIN WORKS™ is a cutting-edge nutrition brand designed for anyone looking to improve the way they look, feel and live. The challenges to eating healthy are bigger than ever. Busy lives - time poor, low quality ingredients - nutritionally deficient, fast food proliferation - increased obesity, and so on all mean making the right choices when it comes to nutrition and diet are incredibly important. We use only natural ingredients and flavours, the know-how from elite sports nutrition and a rude amount of creative genius to create epic tasting protein snacks, foods and shakes to rock your world.

Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds, tone up, nail that six pack or even just fuel up better than the day before, we have the range and the nutritionals to help get you there. We bake ground-breaking protein snacks in our very own in-house Protein Bakery. The best tasting nut butters come out of our unique Protein Nuttery and if you're looking for the ultimate in protein shakes, well come on in, you're in the right place!



First and foremost, we're based smack bang in the heart of the Northwest England, alternatively known as the Palo Alto of the UK, this is a hotbed of digital talent and you must live or want to live here to be a part of our tribe. We believe in total commitment to the cause and to a team ethic that borders on obsession. We don't make and sell curtains or paper clips (with no disrespect to those that do), we work to help change peoples' lives and that matters a hell of lot to everyone that works here. If you're extraordinary at what you do and think you can help take us to an even higher level, we want to hear from you.

Below you will find details on some of the roles and areas we are looking to discover extraordinary talent in right now. Have a browse and then get in touch if you feel you've got the Power for the Towers...



  • Germany Digital Marketing Manager - THE PROTEIN WORKS™ is expanding rapidly across Europe with its unique combination of incredible flavours and massive product range. We already have a German website and fast growing local customer base, but now need a talented German speaking marketer to join the team and build revenues through the full digital marketing mix. A real flair for online marketing and smashing targets are absolute must-haves for this coveted role.
  • Head of Paid Search - We are looking for incredible talent when it comes to this role. If you're doing ok in PPC in all its forms, then don't bother getting in touch. If you're smashing it and believe you have what it takes to own a significant budget and deliver ever improving ROIs through the very latest in paid search, we definitely want to hear from you. SEO expertise is a real added bonus.
  • Digital Marketing Executive - Social media sits at the heart of everything we do and has been a key factor in our exponential growth over the past few years. With a social reach of over 5 million, we now need a committed digital marketing executive to join our award-winning team. You must love social media of course, but also be willing to get your hands dirty with influencer marketing, public relations, SEO and much more.
  • PHP / Magento Full Stack Developer - Like most things at TPW™ Towers, we build teams in-house and technology is no different. We are continually growing our tech team and right now are on the look-out for an exceptional PHP developer with experience in Magento. Full stack, demonstrable ecommerce experience, and committed to being part of a brand and building its future success are all important for this role.
  • Brand Marketing Manager - Are you a brand champion, a brand evangelist, do you live and breathe the brand you own? Well if you do, and you love our precious brand and believe you can help guide it to the next level, please email us now. Of course, you will be a brilliant marketer with a track record of building brands, ideally in a relevant sector.
  • Digital Marketing Roles - As we continue to expand our digital team, we are always looking for the very best to join us and be a key part of our future success. If you love what we do, and believe you can make a real difference then please get in touch, no matter what area of digital marketing you are legendary at.
  • Customer Service Advisors - Do you love helping people and get a real buzz from solving problems? Do you have a background and passion for health & fitness? At THE PROTEIN WORKS™, we really do believe that the customer comes first, second and third. Make no mistake, YOU will be our customer champion. You will be a dynamic, ambitious, organised and detailed - with a tenacity to accept nothing but the best. Whether you are looking for your first role or already at manager level, get in touch.



To get in touch regarding any of the above roles, or even if you want to just say hi, simply email us (ideally with your CV) via the email address below. We will keep your details on file and be in touch if we feel we have a role that fits your skill set. Thanks as always for your support and interest in TPW™.






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