Pure Fine Oats
Pure Fine Oats

Pure Fine Oats

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"These instant oats are very easy to mix in shaker bottles and combine with whey powder to make a delicious and rich protein fix!" - Sam

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Pure Fine Instant Oats from Protein Works are 100% fine ground Scottish oats.

Perfect for thickening up a shake or adding some calories.

Oats are a quality food source of low GI carbohydrates, high in soluble fibre and contain other vital nutrients such as zinc, vitamin E, calcium and iron. Of which help support general health.

What Are Pure Fine Instant Oats?

Pure Fine Instant Oats contain 100% scottish oats. We only use the best here, to make sure that you get most out of every mouthful. Our Pure Fine Instant Oats are a breakfast favourite and provide you with a great source of low GI carbohydrates, soluble fibre, zinc, vitamin E, calcium, folic acid and Iron. This amounts to 12.1g of protein, 1.3g of saturates and 56.1 carbs per serving.

Our oats are developed to be extra fine, allowing you to create creamy porridge for the mornings, or combine them with a protein shake to create your own ultimate mass gainer. Having our oats milled into the finest of powders means that when adding them to your protein shakes, the lumpy texture you may have experienced with other oats will become a thing of the past and you can sip with confidence knowing that they’re delivering a whole mighty punch of carbohydrates. By Combining this with the fibrous nature of the oat, also keeps you feeling fuller for longer. We also have 3 delicious flavours to choose from including Unflavoured, Chocolate Silk, and Vanilla Creme.

What Are The Benefits Of Pure Fine Instant Oats?

As well as tasting amazing, and being a great addition to protein shakes or your morning routine, pure fine instant oats hold some awesome nutritional benefits. As with all products here at Protein Works™ we only use the highest grade of ingredients, and source them from only the very best suppliers, to give you unrivalled nutrition, and taste that will have your tastebuds dancing for joy. If you're gluten-free then check out our Gluten Free Pure Fine Oats, that offer the same incredible nutritionals. Take a look below at some of the nutritional health benefits of our pure fine instant oats and see how they could help you on your fitness journey.

  • Carbohydrates - Contribute to the maintenance of normal brain function, and to the recovery of normal muscle function after high-intensity physical exercise.

  • Fibre - Contributes to healthy bowel habits.

  • Zinc - Contributes to the maintenance of normal bones, hair, nails, skin, vision as well as the normal function of the immune system and metabolism of fatty acids.

  • Vitamin E - Contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

  • Calcium - Calcium contributes to normal muscle function, normal neurotransmission, and the normal function of digestive enzymes.

  • Iron - Has a role in the process of cell division and contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism, and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Who Should Have Pure Fine Instant Oats?

Everyone and anyone should have pure fine instant oats, whether you're looking for a healthy breakfast alternative that will help you feel full throughout the day or want something too add to a protein shake to give it added oomph, pure fine oats is really for everyone. Consuming it on a regular basis depending on your individual needs will see you replenish your body's carbohydrate stores and allow you to have slow releasing energy throughout the day. If you're wanting to gain weight, and some well-needed mass, or even lose weight, the fibrous nature means that you can feel fuller for longer and will stop you from picking through the biscuit cupboard.

Why Buy Pure Fine Instant Oats?

You should buy Pure Fine Instant Oats if you love creating a tasty creamy porridge in the mornings, want an alternative filling snack or filling for a weight gain shake. If weight gain is your thing then take a look at our weight gain range we have available to top up your macros on top of your Pure Fine Instant Oats. These Pure Fine Instant Oats are produced right here at Protein Works, and will arrive fresh at your door in a resealable pouch with a FREE scoop. They also come with a lifetime guarantee.

* Disclaimer: Customer reviews are independent and based on personal experience. Individual results may vary. Products designed to be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and training plan. Nutritional Information per serving based on Unflavoured.

Please Note: flavour imagery is only a serving suggestion and for illustration purposes. It does not represent actual flavour ingredients.

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