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Post-workout recovery is considered so essential by experts that if not done properly the positive effects of training could be wasted. The key is getting nutrients to the muscles as quickly as possible so your body can begin repairing. This is why at Protein Works we sourced a variety of amino acids, vitamins and minerals that have all been scientifically proven to help recovery and developed them into single source products available in pill or powder form or synergistic formulas that contain a blend of different ingredients. We know that the period immediately following your training is when your muscles are starved and your body is in its most absorptive state, therefore we strive to ensure we provide the best post-workout supplements for our customers and so only source the purest ingredients and then manufacture in house. This in turn means your body only receives the nutrients it needs post-workout and absolutely nothing else artificial or anything it doesn’t need.

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    “100% recommend, perfect shake for after a workout and it tastes unreal.” - Joe