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The Nuttery


Here at TPW™, we have always had a huge demand for various nut butter combinations from our customers, but the penny dropped last May when the launch of our Peanut Butter Luxe snow-balled through the sports nutrition industry and became one of our all time best-sellers.Since then, we have made it our mission to deliver the greatest collection of nut-butters money can buy.

We didn’t want to just get any old nut butters for our TPW™ customers as we don’t do things by halves. We wanted to make sure you get the finest bespoke nut-butters you can get your hands on, so we decided to take this into our own hands. In December 2015 we started to build a 2000 sq ft in-house nut butter production facility to bring you delicious and nutritionally matchless nut butters.




Protein Life-Shake

Breaking Boundaries Yet Again…


As you know by now, TPW™ are always looking for ways to break the boundaries when it comes to sports nutrition, and so far - we’ve done exactly that. An in-house Protein Bakery, a commitment to using only 100% natural flavours and colours and ground-breaking innovations. From the protein power-house that is our famous Mug-Cake Mix to our cutting edge, ultra potent Genesis Preworkout™ - let’s just say all of these were merely a dream in the sports nutrition world before TPW™ emerged…



The Making Of The Nuttery


Protein Life-Shake

Blueprints were first drawn up months ago, the idea of a groundbreaking in-house production facility that would allow us to bring you never-seen-before buttery masterpieces. A place where the nutty geniuses in the TPW™ lab could create the finest nut butters known to man…

Over the course of several hundred protein shakes consumed in the boardroom at HQ, the design was modified and tweaked time and again until FINALLY it was ready to be constructed. We brought custom-made machinery and butter-based technology into our 2000 sq ft complex that blends nuts so creamy they put the dairy farms of Cheshire to shame.

The end result? The ultimate nut butter facility, dedicated to nothing else but producing great-tasting, nutritionally unmatched butter bombshells day in, day out.



The Tpw™ Nuttery Is Born


We will leave you with the immortal words of Albert Einstein who famously once said, “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” Well, at TPW™ we have learnt the rules. We have played the game and once again, we have CHANGED the game! To the rest of the nutrition industry, the bar has been raised. Catch up ;-) (Drop the mic).




Tpw™ Nut Butters





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