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How To Pick The Right Weight Gainer?

Weight Gainer protein shakes from THE PROTEIN WORKS™ are nutritionally developed to be different to the rest of the market. We understand that to build muscle and to gain mass - you require a calorie surplus, however, unlike other weight gainers that packed full of cheap calories, we’ve worked day and night at TPW™ Towers to deliver a range of Weight Gainers that not only deliver on calories, but provide unrivalled levels of nutrients that will accelerate your ability to build high quality, strong muscle.

Take for instance, our inclusion of Medium Chain Triglycerides Up until a few years ago, this little known powder was used in medicine to help people gain high-quality weight, now it is used across the sporting world, by fighters, athletes and aspiring power lifters to help them gain muscle mass and move up weight categories. It’s this level of attention to detail that has allowed us to deliver over 100 innovations into sports nutrition, and our Weight Gainers are the jewels in our crown.

Notable ingredients like medium chain triglyceride powder is used. A very recent innovation in the sports nutrition market many athletes have been using MCT powder as a way of moving up weight categories in strength based sports. This is why this along with our premium grade creatine, whey protein and multi-carb dense blends have been blended together to form some absolute gems in the TPW™ crown.

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  1. Total Mass Matrix Extreme
    Total Mass Matrix Extreme
    Rating: 98%
    98% of 100
    "Absolute beast of a mass gainer! If you are looking to seriously bulk up then you wont go...Craig
    from €32,99

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    53% OFF

    Code: DOTD53

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  2. Total Mass Matrix
    Total Mass Matrix
    Rating: 97%
    97% of 100
    "Was recommended this by a mate down the gym as I cant put on mass no matter what I eat. H...James
    from €29,99

    NOW 30% OFF!
    Code: SALE30

    30% OFF!

    Code: SALE30

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  3. gallery_carousel
    Vegan Mass Gainer
    Rating: 100%
    100% of 100
    "Solid product - since turning vegan i've been struggling to gain mass. Tastes good, nails m...Ben
    from €32,29

    NOW 35% OFF!
    Code: SALE35

    35% OFF

    Code: SALE35

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