Total Mass Matrix
Total Mass Matrix

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Total Mass Matrix

"Was recommended this by a mate down the gym as I cant put on mass no matter what I eat. Have this before my workout and am finally seeing decent gains.” - James

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Banana SmoothBanana Smooth
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Total Mass Matrix
Total Mass Matrix

Total Mass Matrix, One Sip at a Time.

Ground-Breaking Formula

Ground-Breaking Formula

Total Mass Matrix Weight Gainer is a ground-breaking weight gainer with its supercharged calorie dense profile, designed for anyone looking to bulk up and increase muscle mass.

Cutting-Edge Ingredients

Cutting-Edge Ingredients

Engineered with an optimal 2:1 carb to protein ratio, this cutting-edge formula is tailored to your body's recovery demands.

Gold Standard

Gold Standard

Five star review rated product for over six years now and sold in over 30 countries worldwide.

And There's More...
  • check_circleUltimate weight gainer
  • check_circleOptimal 2:1 carb to protein ratio
  • check_circlePacked with 477 kcals
  • check_circleUp to 33g of protein
  • check_circle63g of carbohydrates per serving
  • check_circleCutting-edge formula
  • check_circleIncreased daily calorie intake
  • check_circleSuitable for vegetarians
  • check_circleDesigned to help support increase in muscle mass & growth
  • check_circle5 star reviewed product

What is Total Mass Matrix?

Total Mass Matrix Weight Gainer is a ground-breaking weight gainer with it's supercharged calorie dense profile, designed for anyone looking to bulk up and increase muscle mass. Packed with 477 calories per serving and over 30g of premium grade protein, it is the ideal high calorie shake to support your body mass gains. 

Many weight gain formulas on the market claim to be calorie dense, but few have credentials such as ours. Combining both Whey Protein and Carbohydrates, Total Mass Matrix has been designed to fuel intense workouts and maximise recovery. Not only is it the best mass gainer out there today, but we’ve also developed it in such a way that we can offer you some insane unique flavours too, such as Banana Smooth, Choc Mint Brownie and Cookies ‘n’ Cream.

Engineered with an optimal 2:1 carb to protein ratio, this cutting-edge formula is tailored to your body's recovery demands. It also incorporates MCTs to provide an exceptional quality of healthy dietary fats necessary for general health maintenance. Total Mass Matrix is the ultimate mass builder, helping you achieve your goals quicker than ever before. You may have seen alternative mass gainers on the market, but nothing can compare with what we’ve packed into this muscle mass building pouch. 

As well as containing one of the highest protein contents of all time, which helps to contribute towards the growth of muscle mass, and the maintenance of normal bones, Total Mass Matrix contains some awesome exercise fuelling benefits When it comes down to innovation Protein Works have got it down to a ‘T’ and specifically selected certain ingredients all with their own separate benefits. Take a look below at what we fit into this bad boy. 


What's in Total Mass Matrix?

Every single ingredient we use in our Total Mass Matrix goes through rigorous tests to make sure that you get the very best out of every mouthful. A little like X-factor, we have a panel of tastes judges and sports nutritionists who examine every gram, right down to their molecular profile.. Only when it gets the thumbs up from everyone in every single area of testing, does it go into production. We are sure that as you read on, your muscles will start to quiver and the sheer number of insane ingredients we use in every single pouch. Go ahead and take a look, you can't say we didn't warn you first.

Whey Protein Concentrate

You simply won't find a better shake out there that offers high quality, value, flavour, mixability and amino content. As this shake goes through an extensive filtration process the amino acid profile is untouched. With more than 3g of leucine per serving, your ability to build muscle is about to be at its capacity.


A complex carbohydrate which is rapidly broken down and quickly absorbed it’ll fit perfectly into your post workout routine. Carbohydrates have actually been found to contribute towards the maintenance of normal brain function and the recovery of normal muscle function after high intensive exercise. After we train there is a 4 hour period were our body becomes like a sponge, capable of absorbing carbohydrates even faster. Adding Maltodextrin also replenishes glycogen stores, and provides you with that well needed energy boost, helping you power through the toughest of days.

Soya Protein Isolate

Containing all nine essential amino acids this high protein ingredient isn't shy to boast about its muscle building capabilities. The Protein contributes towards the growth of muscle mass and the maintenance of normal bones. Oh, it's also packed with vitamin B12 and magnesium.

Golden Flaxseed

These little brown seeds contain a respectable nutritional profile containing 18.3g of protein, 42.1g of fat and 1.58g of carbs per 100g. It doesn't stop there, and also contains fibre, alpha-linolenic acid, magnesium, and Vitamin B6.

Medium Chain Triglycerides 

MCTs are readily absorbed and used for energy, more so resembling a carbohydrate than a fat source. MCTs provides the athlete with a source of quick energy, much faster than maltodextrin or any high glycaemic carbohydrate making them ideal for those looking to increase muscle mass and bulk up.

We Recommend

Extreme Mass Gainer can help you boost your biceps and gain weight with ease. These Mass Gainer Shakes can help increase your calorie intake while maintaining a high protein and amazing flavours. make sure you go for the Best Mass Gainer Shakes including our popular Vegan Mass Gainer.

Make it a Perfect Shake Every Time.

Scoop it

Scoop it

Add 120g (3 large scoops) of Total Mass Matrix to your Protein Works shaker.

Add it

Add it

Add to 600-700ml of water or milk.

Shake it

Shake it

Shake well and consume. Tip: The less liquid you use the thicker and stronger tasting your shake will be, so adjust to suit your own taste.

Your Questions, Answered.

It depends on your lifestyle and goals, we recommend using 1-3 servings, taken evenly throughout the day.

To increase daily calorie intake, add healthy weight without adding fat.

We developed Total Mass Matrix with a carefully balanced combination of proteins to ensure the body receives a tapered release of slow (Calcium Caseinate) moderate (Milk Protein Concentrate) and faster acting (Whey Protein Concentrate).

Flax seed has a pleasant natural light nutty taste, which works well with the pure fine oats, which are also included in Total Mass Matrix.

Total Mass Matrix is suitable for vegetarians, but not vegans.

Yes. You can take Total Mass Matrix alongside other supplements. It works well with Protein Works™ Zinc & Magenesium, Elite Man Super Multi-vitamin and Omega 3.

There are no known side effects with using Total Mass Matrix.

Total Mass Matrix is suitable for anyone looking to add healthy mass and size.

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