The Clear Sleakster
The Clear Sleakster

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The Clear Sleakster

"I love this shaker - I take it everywhere. It's reliable, practical and doesn't leak!" - Jo

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The Clear Sleakster
The Clear Sleakster
Super Clear, Super Compact, Super Smart.
  • check_circleHigh Quality Durable Plastic
  • check_circleScrew Lock Closure
  • check_circleOptimal 700ml Capacity
  • check_circle360° Transparent Body
  • check_circleMakes a shake in less than 30 seconds
  • check_circleWashed and ready to go again in another 30 seconds
  • check_circleMade for simplicity and ease of use
  • check_circleErgonomic Design

What is the Clear Sleakster Shaker?

If you’re the kind of person that likes to keep things simple and uncomplicated, then the Clear Sleakster is the one for you. The Clear Sleakster is based on the age-old principle that the most effective design is the simplest one.

This pure-form shaker is extremely compact, coming in at a height of only 20cm – compared to the standard shaker height of 24cm. It also possesses a smooth, round body which allows it to maintain the optimal 700ml capacity.

Unlike most shakers on the market today, the Clear Sleakster doesn’t use a click-to-close mechanism on the spout. Instead it uses an incredibly logical screw closure. Makes you wonder why all shakers weren’t designed this way!

The Perfect Shake

This shaker is versatile and durable, made from high quality plastic, giving it a robust and rigid structure. Throw it in your gym bag, wash it endless times, give it zero love and it will always have your back. 

The Sleakster comes with a removeable mesh grid as standard, which is designed to help break up clumped or grainy powder into a fine, soluble form. Whatever the thickness of liquid, it quickly transforms into a smooth consistency with this shaker.

TIts 700ml capacity also provides more than adequate space in the chamber for blending, which once again helps with the mixing process. Finally, the Protein Works branding on both sides of this shaker, means no one will be in any doubt who your nutrition brand of choice is. And we’re down with that!

Fuss? No Fuss

The screw top lid fits reassuringly tight on this shaker and its unique screw closure makes this probably the safest shaker in our range. Despite giving this bad boy a severe examination by the team at HQ, it comes out on top for reliability and safe shaking.

You can shake with confidence, whatever you’re wearing and wherever you are, as this kid is designed to withstand even the most vigorous of shakes. You shouldn’t have to endure any more of those occasional “shake disasters”!

Your Questions, Answered.

No. Due to the high quality secure screw lid, you have leak free shakes every time!

As with so many things in life, the quality of products can vary significantly, which is why here at Protein Works, we independently audit and approve each and every one of our suppliers.

Bodybuilders and strength athletes. Endurance athletes. Those new to weight training. People involved in team sports, who use sports, supplement powders as part of their daily routine.

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