Weight Loss Extreme Bundle

"Red-Cell + Raze-Burn is just incredible, never had so much energy! The shakes were delicious too!" Alex

We’ve all been there, lost all the weight you wanted to, only to find yourself back where you started a few months later. Losing weight is extremely difficult, but keeping it off is the bigger challenge. The Weight Loss Extreme Bundle brings together 5 of our latest and greatest. A team of weight loss legends used by 10’s of 1000’s to deliver true, long lasting results.

Weight Loss Extreme Bundle

"Red-Cell + Raze-Burn is just incredible, never had so much energy! The shakes were delicious too!" Alex

We’ve all been there, lost all the weight you wanted to, only to find yourself back where you started a few months later. Losing weight is extremely difficult, but keeping it off is the bigger challenge. The Weight Loss Extreme Bundle brings together 5 of our latest and greatest. A team of weight loss legends used by 10’s of 1000’s to deliver true, long lasting results.

Who Is The Weight Loss Extreme Bundle For?

After a hard period of weight loss, your body is obviously better looking, however, it can be starved of vital nutrients and minerals that it needs to function optimally, this is what leaves you feeling tired and lethargic during prolonged periods of weight loss. Which is why once you hop off the weight loss train, the calories start adding back up and before you know it, you’re back to square one. That’s where the Weight Loss Extreme Bundle comes in, a hand picked selection of 5 legends that will focuses on two areas to help you keep weight off. Firstly, calories, with our Diet Meal Replacement Extreme shake you’re able to replace 1-2 meals a day, for just 202 calories per serving. Result, however there’s more in this bundle, you also get a pouch of our Diet Whey Complex Extreme, Extreme in both name and nature, it combines an innovative whey blend with our innovative vitamin blend to provide the ultimate all in one shake to aid recovery and muscle growth post exercise.

Calories in check, how can we take it to the next level? That’s where our next 2 innovations take centre stage, 2 workout wonders that help to improve both focus on body composition. Let’s start with Red-Cell, our first ever dual action capsule complete with a delayed release system to deliver optimal performance results, there’s a reason it’s known as the red rocket, try one and you’ll find out why! And last but by no means least, we have our Raze-Burn™ Preworkout, a preworkout so steeped in science it’s hard to workout how we achieved it. Raze-Burn™ combines the power of many well researched active ingredients such as Caffeine, Matcha Green Tea Extract and L-Tyrosine to help improve work capacity. But here’s the magic, we then added Glutamine, BCAA’s and a cheeky splash of Whey Protein Isolate to help protect your muscles during intense exercise, preventing any muscle breakdown whilst also helping to repair and grow new muscle during the process.

What’s In The Weight Loss Extreme Bundle?

Diet Whey Complex Extreme (1kg)

The Ultimate weight loss shake, combining an unrivalled Tri-Protein Blend which deliver 22g of protein per serving, while being officially low in sugar and low in fat. Low fat, Low sugar? Bet it tastes awful? Well that’s where the TPW™ Team buck the trend, that’s because at TPW™ we understand the fundamental rule to dieting, which is that if it tastes good, you’ll keep drinking it, so unlike other weight loss shakes which taste like dirt and have a texture resembling sand, we provide all the nutritionals with bucket loads of flavour, keeping your stomach full and your tastebuds happy. Now let’s get back to those stats, 22g of Protein may sound good, but not all tri-protein blends are equal, that’s where our Diet Whey Complex Extreme leaves all others trailing in its wake combining our 3 biggest legends into one blend, Diet Whey Isolate 97, Whey Protein Isolate 90 and Whey Protein 80, all incredible on their own, but form the ultimate fat loss threesome to deliver an unparalleled level of protein and flavour without breaking the macro bank.

We could have easily stopped there, we had our headlines, but this shake is the full package, combining a blend of weight loss supplements in one simple to drink shake. There’s Glucomannan, a water soluble fibre scientifically shown to aid weight loss by aiding satiety. Next we have CLA, a supplement rich in Omega 6, a fatty acid that can’t be produced naturally in the body but has been shown to help improve body composition. More? Ok, we then added our bespoke TPW™ Tea Blend, bringing together 3 unique blends, to help flood your body with antioxidants.

We’ve only scratched the surface of this shake, with it containing a further 6 active ingredients such as Vitamin B12, L-Carnitine and many more, you’ll hopefully now understand why it’s heralded as one of our greatest ever innovations.

Diet Meal Replacement Extreme (2kg)

Most diet meal replacement shakes boast little calories and little nutrients, that’s where Diet Meal Replacement Extreme bucks the trend. Re-innovated in 2018, it’s now a fitter, faster food, boasting a more complete profile of protein, fats, vitamins and minerals than ever before. Containing our Whey Protein Isolate, it’s tri-protein blend provides a complete protein formula, delivering a high protein mix of both slow and fast acting proteins that feed your muscles and help to promote growth and repair within your muscle cells. Maintaining muscle is essential to maintaining weight loss as muscle burns more calories when you are at rest. Next, those fats, a word that puts the fear into the heart of any dieter. Fear not though, our Diet Meal Replacement Extreme contains just 3g of Fat per serving, all mainly from our CLA complex, which provides the essential fatty acids your body needs to maintain a positive body composition. The Re-innovation wasn’t just about the macros though, our Diet Meal Replacement Extreme is now available in 4 insane tasting flavours, with Banana Smooth Sundae and Vanilla Creme Crush joining our ever popular Chocolate SIlk and Strawberries ‘n’ Cream to create an awesome foursome of diet meal replacement shakes that taste as good as they look, and perform even better than they taste.

Red-Cell™ (90 Capsules)

Red-Cell combines two of our most popular supplements into one, easy to take capsule. Part 1, housed in the outer core is our bespoke CLA formula, as you know, CLA is rich in essential fatty acids that help maintain body composition. This outer layer is part of the dual release system, and is released slowly into the body when taken 45 minutes before exercise. The Magic is contained in the 2nd core, where the equivalent of a thermogenic bomb is contained. Thermopro and Phenylalanine and combined in this 2nd phase timed release, which bursts into action as you begin your workout. Thermopro is rich in caffeine and Chromium which have been shown to improve focus and also combat cravings simultaneously. Red-Cell™ is a masterpiece, rich in precision, delivering the exact quantities of essential supplements when you need it most and our TPW™ Tribe absolutely rave about it…

"Tried 2 of these for the first time on my HIIT 6am session - wasn't convinced they would do anything - but WOW! I'm normally hanging by the end of the session, but these helped keep me going - I am super impressed, and these will be a regular order for me!

Clara,January 2017.

Raze-Burn™ (500g)

A Pre-Workout unlike any other, most preworkouts are jam full of caffeine to give you a huge amount of focus, but Red-Cell’s already got you covered there. Raze-Burn is a performance driven Preworkout, designed to deliver a higher workout capacity along with muscle building essentials. It is also the first preworkout to made with our innovative Flavour-Boost™ Technology which brings together years upon years of research into the countries tastebuds and what really gets them firing, which is why Raze-Burn delivers not only the most insane level of flavour from any preworkout we’ve ever made, it’s mixability is off the charts too, with no lumps and bits at all.

So, the science, what makes this a truly groundbreaking preworkout. Designed specifically to help you in your body composition goals, we’ve taken the very latest cutting-edge scientific research, combined that with our pioneering Flavour Boost™ technology to create a pre-workout with its aim dead set on helping you achieve your weight loss goals. Day one and with over 150+ ingredients to whittle down, our team of sports scientists and nutritionists set about testing, formulating and evaluating every possible combination to create the ultimate pre-workout. At the core of Raze-Burn™ is an optimal dose of Caffeine to give you the extra energy and focus you need to push harder, lift heavier and sprint faster. Next we added CLA , Green Tea Extract and L-Carnitine, 3 staple additions, loved by our TPW™ Tribe, that are ideal for anyone looking to reduce their body fat. With this awesome foursome in place, the TPW Wizards then added iBCAA, HMB, L-Glutamine and Hydrolysed Whey Protein which contributes towards muscle growth and maintenance, protecting lean muscle tissue during calorie restricted workouts.

Diet Super Multi Vitamins (30 Capsules)

With your body in a state of repair, providing the essential vitamins and minerals it requires is more essential than ever. Failure to do so, can lead to extreme levels of fatigue and tiredness which results in overeating and weight gain. Our Diet Super Multi-Vitamins provide a one stop shop for all your bodies needs. Featuring over 20 active ingredients, that help to support your immune system, central nervous system and your cognitive function to keep you performing at your optimal level of performance.

TPW™ Metal Shaker (Colours May Vary)

The TPW™ Metal Shaker series bring an unrivalled level of sophistication when compared to your average Shaker. Handcrafted by the team at Buschsteiner they combine innovative science with a gleam and shine that leaves you knowing it’s got your back covered. “Oh but I heard metal shakers leak a lot” We heard that too, so we did over 100 tests on our Steel Shakers and helped by the german engineering of the team at Buschsteiner we created a dual action lock and seal system that keeps your weight loss shakes locked down and sealed tight. It’s as reliable as it is good looking, and you won’t want to take your eyes off this beauty

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