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Why you love it...
"Since using Citrulline Malate my workouts are more productive, longer and no cramping after leg day! Always a bonus!" - Jason
Why we love it...
Citrulline Malate from TPW™ is an amino acid complex supplement widely used in sports nutrition by those with lean muscle goals. Made from combining the amino acid citrulline and the organic salt malate, it is ideal for getting the most out of those high intensity sessions.



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What is Citrulline Malate?

THE PROTEIN WORKS™ Citrulline Malate is an Amino Acid and has been given a lot of attention due to its incredible abilities to help you in and outside the gym. Found in the fan favourite Pre-Works™, its hard to come across such a versatile Amino Acid.

Getting down to basics, Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein, there are 20 each of which has its own role. As athletes, we all have different goals. Whether you're a bodybuilder, sports lover, or just a fitness fanatic, you seek different types of supplements depending on what you have set out to achieve. Now, what if I told you that Citrulline Malate has a major appeal to everyone who keeps active and fit? Interested? Keep reading and we’ll get into some serious sports science.

How does Citrulline Malate work?

Formed by combining the Amino Acid ‘Citrulline’ and the organic salt ‘malate’. When supplemented, citrulline is converted into arginine in the kidneys. Increased blood arginine content will increase nitric oxide production. This increase in nitric oxide improves blood flow by causing ‘vasodilation’ meaning that our veins open wider allowing for more oxygen to be delivered to the working muscle.

Should I take Citrulline Malate or Arginine?

It’s quite common to see arginine available via some supplement providers. Citrulline Malate is seen as the better option as it’s converted into arginine in the kidneys at a better absorption rate. Essentially meaning via this mechanism Citrulline Malate is able to increase levels of arginine more effective than arginine itself.

Why buy Citrulline Malate?

Citrulline is actually naturally produced by our body and surprisingly can be found in watermelons. Though, our bodies don't produce adequate amounts.

Our Citrulline Malate is of the highest quality so you’re guaranteed to get the best possible Citrulline Malate in our pouches.

When is the best time to take Citrulline Malate?

The best time to take Citrulline Malate is around 60-90 minutes before taking part in any physical activity. This gives your body the necessary time be put into action, by the time you start exercise this widening effect of the veins should be starting to allow for the improved blood flow.

Who should take Citrulline Malate?

If you take part in physical activity, and feel the aches and pains the day after then this product is perfect for you. It doesn't matter if you're looking at gaining mass or shredding that stubborn belly fat, being able to recover quicker means you can get back exercising to reach your goals quicker and easier than ever. Simply add them to your TPW™ Shake, or Pre-Workout to feel its full force.

What Other Amino Acid Powders Do You Stock?

We have an extensive Amino Acid Powder range all with their own unique benefits. Our range includes the following:

* Disclaimer: Customer reviews are independent and based on personal experience. Individual results may vary. Products designed to be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and training plan. Nutritional Information per serving based on unflavoured.

21 May 2019

Must have
Just believe every 5* review for this product! Believe every word because it’s a miracle worker.
It has a VERY sour taste. Like really sour. So I recommend just adding 1 scoop to a mouthful of water in a glass. Mix & just knock it back fast.
For FREE PROTEIN, use my code!!

11 March 2018

Been using this as part of my pre-workout for a few months now and can definitely say that my workouts are more productive.
Better endurance, more reps - gains, gains, gains!

02 December 2015

Good Stuff
I Like this a lot gives my shake a biter taste but after almost 4 months i have got used to it. Adds to my workout.

On my second bag and third is in my cupbaord.

15 May 2015

Excellent product and service
I recently ordered citrulline malate to add into my existing pre workout. I got to say WOW I put one scoop in with 3 scoops of nitro works and 1 scoop of beta alanine. The beta alanine and the nitro works are good for beginners I just feel the c.malate keeps the energy levels up even more. Since adding it I am running at a constant pace of 13km/hr for 40 minutes not bad for someone that struggled to maintain that speed for 10 minutes 9 months ago.

08 June 2014

Hidden gem
DEfo agree with the other reviews, my workouts are more productive, longer and no cramping after leg day!!! Always a bonus!

Disclaimer: Customer reviews are independent and reflect customer's personal experiences. Individual results may vary. Products designed to be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and training plan.


Serving Size: 3-5g (one medium BLACK 5ml scoop)

We recommend taking 3-5g per serving, 1-2 times daily. One medium scoop provides 3.5g.

Add the desired amount of water or juice to your TPW™ Master Blender. Then add one 5ml scoop (3.5g). Shake well and consume. We recommend using juice to make this product more palatable.

First serving is best consumed in the morning and your second serving 30-45 minutes before training or exercise.

IMPORTANT: Before use, please check the included scoop is BLACK. If not, please contact us on 0845-4672411.

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Q. When should I use Citrulline Malate?

A. It depends on your lifestyle and goals, we recommend following the suggested serving guidelines.

Q. What are main reasons for using Citrulline Malate?

A. To help improve endurance and delay the onset of fatigue.

Q. Is all Citrulline Malate the same no matter which brand you use?

A. As with so many things in life, if you don't ask the right questions, you won't get the right answers! The quality of ingredient can vary significantly and therefore the potency will do too. In addition, just because a product may be called pure it doesn't mean that it necessarily is. We recommend you read the ingredients and nutritionals on the label to better understand exactly what you are buying. We can assure you that our products are 100% pure. At TPW™, we are committed to transparency and openness in all our products and that is why we provide a 'Product Profile' which gives a complete overview of the product's background including our approval, location of manufacture and money back guarantee applicability.

Q. How can I tell if the Citrulline Malate I buy is good quality?

A. Look for the Certificate of Analysis which will give you the assurance that what you are buying is what it says it is.

Q. Can I use Citrulline Malate with other supplements?

A. Yes definitely. In fact Citrulline Malate is usually bought to add to other supplements to enhance their effects. For instance, a Citrulline Malate and Creatine Monohydrate blend works very well to increase strength and power. A Citrulline Malate and Beta Alanine blend is widely used by endurance athletes and a Citrulline Malate and Taurine blend has been more recently used by bodybuilders to increase muscle vascularity and ‘pump’.

Q. What if any side effects will I get from taking Citrulline Malate?

A. We haven't heard of any nasty side effects from taking Citrulline Malate.

Q. What effects should I expect from taking Citrulline Malate alongside my training regime?

A. Improved exercise intensity and duration.

Q. Who should take / benefit from using Citrulline Malate?

A. Bodybuilders and strength athletes. Those new to weight training. People involved in team sports. Those who participate in regular intense training and exercise.

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