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"This is a must-have for me, especially with the lack of sun I get!" - Hattie
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Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin that’s considered by sports scientists to be essential for boosting the immune system, enhancing recovery and ultimately helping the entire body cope with the physical stress it’s put under during periods of intense training.



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What is Vitamin D3?

Vitamin D3 is a naturally occurring vitamin produced by our body when we are exposed to sunlight. During winter months, where you may not be exposed to sunlight as often, Vitamin D3 production is limited and supplementation may be necessary.

Vitamin D3 supplements can have some important impacts, we will detail them below but they basically play a role in helping to regulate calcium. There are two types of vitamin D, vitamin D2 and D3. D2 is produced by plants and consumed through our diet, whereas D3 can be synthesised through the skin.

Surprisingly vitamin D3 is one of the most common deficiencies, particularly during the dark winter months. Although it is estimated we need around 30 minutes of sun exposure to bare skin for sufficient vitamin D synthesis, vitamin D breaks down very easily, and our stores can run low very quickly.

There is also evidence to suggest that particularly in the UK vitamin d3 should be supplemented all year round. Maintaining this through the vitamin D3 tablet in the UK will help keep your body running like a well-oiled machine!/

Vitamin D3 Benefits?

D3 is an essential micronutrient, meaning it cannot be created by the body alone. Deficiencies contribute to brittle bones and various other health issues.

Adequate levels of D3 enables dietary calcium absorption within the intestines. Calcium contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism, normal muscle function, normal neurotransmission, and is needed for the maintenance of normal bones and teeth.

Who is Vitamin D3 for?

Vitamin D3 is for anyone and everyone seeking to cover all bases necessary to maintain their health. If a large proportion of your skin isn't exposed to the sun for at least 20 minutes per day then you should consider supplementation.

This will be a particular issue for those winter months when you cover up to keep warm. NHS guidance in the UK says that If you’re dark skinned then supplementation should also be considered, especially if you live in the northern hemisphere. This is primarily due to skin pigmentation reducing vitamin D production.

Why buy Vitamin D3?

If you’re looking for the best vitamin D3 tablet in the UK - then look no further. Whilst prior statement is a bold claim - we’re confident in what D3 supplementation can do. That it will also contribute towards improving your bodies ability to absorb calcium from your diet.

Which in turn, as described above can help a host of health benefits, important for maintaining your health and wellbeing, especially if you take part in physical activities on a regular basis.

Vitamin D3 can be found in such foods as oily fish, milk and eggs although to meeting your daily requirements via food is almost impossible.TPW™ Vitamin D3 tablets contain 2500iu ensuring you hit your daily recommended intakes with ease. All excess D3 the body doesn't need will be excreted safely. If that doesn't give you a little insight as to why you should buy vitamin D3, I'm not too sure what will.Grab yourself a tub, and see how they could help you throughout the dark winter months.

When should I take Vitamin D3?

You should take vitamin D3 once a day with food.. There are no perfect times but consistency is advised. Try and tailor it to suit your routine. As we’ve said vitamin D3 comes into its own during the winter months, so maintaining 1 pill a day is essential..

Other Supplements that work well with Vitamin d3?

There are so many different supplements that compliment vitamin d3. It becomes very hard to choose what would suit you, from protein powders to other multi-vitamins, the list could go on for days, but instead to make your life easier, we’ve selected the best ones below;

Zinc and Magnesium - performance blend of two minerals that are considered essential to the health and optimal functioning of the muscles and body as a whole.

Whey Protein 360 Extreme - Made with a multi-phased protein system sourced from premium grade protein, Whey Protein 360 Extreme also includes Digezyme® to aid digestion and macronutrient absorption.

* Disclaimer: Customer reviews are independent and based on personal experience. Individual results may vary. Products designed to be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and training plan. Nutritional Information per serving based on unflavoured.

03 March 2019

Good Vitamin D3
Vitamin D3 is an essential supplement that i tend to include during these darker, colder winter months to make up for the lack of natural intake from sunlight which i normally get more of during the summer months, this is available in an easy to consume tablet form that provides a decent 2500 ius per serving which i feel is enough to support optimal general health and wellbeing and contribute to optimal micronutrient intakes. Hopefully This Review Was Of Benefit, For Free Protein Please Use My Referral Code: JM15339 at checkout. I feel that vitamin d3 works very well to support the optimal production of hormones such as testosterone to support a range of lean mass gaining and intense fat loss dieting phases, i also feel that higher doses of upto 5000 ius per day work better to aid with improving fat loss progress during a range of dieting phases and this is important to contribute to optimal joint health and function due to aiding with the absorption of calcium. Vitamin D3 is also very important to support the immune system and works very well when taken in combination with a quality multivitamin supplement to support general health and wellbeing to reduce the chance of becoming run down with illnesses such as common colds and flu viruses which can have a negative impact on the quality of your workouts and make it harder to stick to a range of calorie reduced diets during intense fat loss phases.

20 February 2019

I have previously taken multivitamins which I assumed they had everything I needed i.e Vitamin D3, but many don't or don't have enough. Boosts your immune system, compensates for lack of sunlight especially now winter is approaching and a great price. For FREE protein with your order use my referral code: RP1247343

10 September 2018

Essential Especially For Winter
I have previously taken multivitamins which I assumed they had everything I needed i.e Vitamin D3, but many don't or don't have enough. Boosts your immune system, compensates for lack of sunlight especially now winter is approaching and a great price. For FREE protein with your order use my referral code: RP1247343

16 July 2018

Great supplement, does what it says
Recently got these and they do the job, these are a must.
The value for money is decent, and it's a convenient way to top up vitamin D3 levels
Quick and easy way to strengthen the immune system

Use my referral code: 85607

12 July 2018

Great product, great price
My go to vitamins from TPW, does what it says, good value for money
Use my referral code: 85607

Disclaimer: Customer reviews are independent and reflect customer's personal experiences. Individual results may vary. Products designed to be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and training plan.


One tablet daily

Take one tablet daily with food.

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Q. When is the best time to take Vitamin D3?

A. Any time of the day since there isn’t a specific nutrient window when Vitamin D3 is best taken.

Q. Why do people choose to supplement with Vitamin D3?

A. The main reason people take Vitamin D3 is to support the immune system during periods of intense training. But it’s also been associated with helping prevent stress fractures, chronic musculoskeletal pain and inflammation.

Q. Are all Vitamin D3 blends the same?

A. The quality of Vitamin D3 can vary significantly and therefore the potency will do too. We suggest you read the ingredients and nutritionals on the label to better understand exactly what you are buying. If you check our Product Profiles, you will see that we are committed to transparency and openness in all our products.

Q. Can I use Vitamin D3 with other supplements?

A. Yes, in fact Vitamin D3 will work well with any other product to help support intense training.

Q. Are there any side effects that come with Vitamin D3?

A. There are no known side effects with using Vitamin D3.

Q. Can I use Vitamin D3 when trying to lose fat?

A. Yes, absolutely and it will help ensure your immune system stays healthy too.

Q. Can I use Vitamin D3 when trying to increase muscle?

A. Yes, not only does heavy training suppress the immune system but it can also cause inflammation, 2 things that Vitamin D3 can combat.

Q. Who should take / benefit from using Vitamin D3?

A. Anyone who trains or who wants to improve their immune system.

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