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Milk Choc Coconut Is Retiring


It's important for us that the best and biggest protein shake natural flavour range on the market today delivers what you truly want. To remain a permanent addition to the TPW™ flavour roster, any flavour needs to get a lot of love from the TPW™ community.

And with an avalanche of new flavour innovations just around the corner, something has to give. Unfortunately that means MILK CHOC COCONUT is slipping into retirement for now. But fear not, we still have some stock left so you can stock up one last time.


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If you're a die-hard MILK CHOC COCONUT fan, get stuck in now or forever hold your peace as when it's gone, it's gone. Just take your pick from your favourite product below and use code 'MCC20' for 20% OFF. All sizes are included until the last pouch ships out of TPW™ Towers.


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