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"Leucine is great for stimulating muscle growth. This is an essential product for me and is in a high quality powder form." - Janette
Why we love it...
Leucine powder from The Protein Works™ is a premium grade amino acid scientifically shown to trigger new muscle growth. Sports scientists have found adding leucine powder to any protein shake dramatically increases its muscle building potential whether post workout or as a meal replacement.



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Leucine - The Powerful Muscle Building Amino Acid

Leucine is an amino acid that's been scientifically shown to trigger protein synthesis and stimulate new muscle growth when added to any protein shake. Leucine first became hugely popular when famously researchers from Maastricht University in the Netherlands discovered that protein consumed with leucine powder is far more effective at increasing muscle mass than protein alone. What's more Leucine powder from The Protein Works™ is 100% pure, meaning benefits explained below are amplified compared to most others on the market.

Leucine & Whey Protein Taken Post Workout

Leucine has been shown by sports scientists to possess the unique ability to signal to the muscles to repair and regrow, more than any other amino acid. Leucine does this by activating a muscle building pathway called the mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR). Put more simply your mTOR is an energy sensor and nutrient sensor that tells your muscles to repair and regrow. If you ingest enough leucine the mTOR tells the muscles to use the protein in the diet to grow. If there isn't enough leucine in the body, the mTOR is not triggered and you don't stimulate as much new muscle growth. This is why sports nutritionists state adding 3 grams of leucine to your post workout whey protein shake could make the biggest difference to the growth, repair and size of your muscles.

Leucine With Meals

As well as taking leucine with your post workout protein shake, many strength athletes will also take 3 grams of leucine with their high protein meals throughout the day. This is because the leucine will again signal to the body that the protein in that meal should be used to repair and regrow the muscles. In the absence of leucine that same protein would instead be more prone to be treated as calories rather than a macronutrient needed for new muscle growth. Ultimately leucine is considered one of the best supplements for those looking to increase lean muscle. This is because it doesn't require eating surplus calories to 'bulk up' but rather favourably alters the biochemistry of the muscles themselves.

Leucine Ultimate Quality Assurance

Here at TPW™, you can have supreme confidence in the product quality and supply source of our Leucine. We personally quality check every supplier and ingredient before giving it the TPW™ quality seal of approval. Traceability, quality, and consistency are the three things we demand on every single ingredient. This is the TPW™ philosophy that flows through every product we make and sets us apart in the world of sports nutrition today.

Produced in-house at our own state of the art facility in the UK, it offers unparalleled levels of protein purity and has been independently tested for the ultimate peace of mind. We don't make big claims about our products, we prefer to let customer ratings, reviews and feedback do the talking for us. We also offer an unprecedented LIFETIME GUARANTEE on every product you buy from THE PROTEIN WORKS™. Leucine is supplied in a re-sealable foil pouch to ensure freshness and a FREE scoop is included in every product.

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13 January 2016

Blends well with my shake and doesent taste chalky

29 September 2015

Love it
Don't have to say much

01 July 2015

Take this in my shakes,hides the taste

My referral code is RL81117 for free protein

05 May 2015

Great value for money
Ive decided to add this to my usual 2:1:1 ratio formula and its insainly cheaper than buying a 8:1:1 forumla.

01 April 2015

Great For Stimulating mTor
Leucine is a great product for stimulating mTor to kickstart the muscle growth process. This is an essential product for muscle growth and is in a high quality powder form directly from TPW.

I add it to my pre workouts and intra workout aminos to boost the content of Leucine due to it being the primary trigger of muscle growth.

10/10 Great product.

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Disclaimer: Customer reviews are independent and reflect customer's personal experiences. Individual results may vary. Products designed to be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and training plan.


100% Leucine

Serving Size: 3g (one medium BLACK scoop)

We recommend consuming 2-3 grams twice daily. One serving 30-40 minutes pre-workout and one serving post workout.

Add one scoop to your desired amount of water or juice to your TPW™ Master Blender. Shake well and consume.

IMPORTANT: Before use, please check the included scoop is BLACK. If not, please contact us on 0845-4672411.


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Q. When should I use Leucine?

A. It depends on your lifestyle and goals, we recommend the following optimal serving times. Consume 2-3g up to 2 times daily or to suit your own individual needs.

Q. What are the main reasons for using Leucine?

A. To help preserve lean muscle tissue, provide the body with energy, and help to regulate blood sugar levels .

Q. What does Leucine taste like?

A. Leucine does have a bitter after taste, so we recommend you mix with juice or within a flavoured protein shake to make it more palatable

Q. Are there any specific health benefits associated with Leucine?

A. It has been reported that Leucine can help with prostate health.

Q. How can I tell if the Leucine I buy is good quality?

A. Look for the Certificate of Analysis which will give you the assurance that what you are buying is what it says it is.

Q. Is Leucine suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

A. No, it is not suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.

Q. Can I use Leucine with other supplements?

A. The simple answer is yes. We recommend you always check serving instructions on each product if you plan on taking a combination of supplements. Leucine is most widely taken alongside a good quality protein such as TPW™ Whey Protein 80 and Whey Protein 90.

Q. What if any side effects will I get from taking Leucine?

A. We haven't heard of any nasty side effects from taking TPW™ Leucine.

Q. What is Leucine?

A. Leucine is one of the three Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA), considered to be the BCAA that offers the most benefit to the body.

Q. Do natural whole foods contain Leucine?

A. Yes. All protein rich foods contain some amount of Leucine. Dairy products and red meat contain the highest amounts, as well as brown rice, beans, nuts and whole wheat.

Q. What effects should I expect from taking Leucine alongside my training regime?

A. Results vary depending on your diet, nutrition, training and individual body type. For an average individual, it helps to preserve lean tissue, and boost energy.

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