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THE PROTEIN WORKS™ Vegan Protein Samples! You might be new to the vegan scene or just want to try our Insane flavours? We've spent the time to compile all our favourite vegan protein samples in one easier to find a place, to make your life easier! Can't say we don't try here at THE PROTEIN WORKS™.

Powered by plants seems to be a phrase we've been using a lot as our vegan range is becoming one of the most influential supplements in the industry. We've heard many a story of vegan supplements just not hitting the spot when it comes to flavour, and value for money. So, the first thing on TPW™ agenda was to nail the flavours on our Vegan range.

Using our unique plant-based ingredients (made from 100% natural high-quality ingredients, of course) and added the famous Flavour Boost™ Technology to give your tastebuds the all mighty ride of their life! Not to mention these protein-packed Vegan treats are also nutrient rich and full of essential vitamins and minerals, a perfect all-rounder, eh? If that hasn't convinced you, then give our customer service team and they can talk you through any questions you may have

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    Raw Vegan Protein is a unique blend of 5 premium plant proteins, making it the definitive dairy-free, vegan-friendly protein shake. Low in fat and sugar and packing more than 25g of protein per serving, It is ideal for those looking for a premium non-dairy protein source.
    From €14.29
    From €14.29

    100% RATING


    Protein Crunkie™ has landed, and with it, a new legacy awaits. Like the Swiss Army Knife of Nutrition, this high protein, energy-yielding pocket pal is fully equipped to be your go-to energy bar whatever the goal, time of day, or craving. Protein Crunkies™ provide you with all the essential fuel you need, anytime, anywhere. It’s packed with the finest low GI, slow-release oats which deliver a high fibre kick of quality, energy exploding carbohydrates. Protein? Well, we’re the experts so of course we packed it in! This high protein bar is infused with pure plant-based protein isolate to help support your muscle growth & repair. Finally, with minuscule fat & sugar content, this bar is ready to rumble any time you are… minus the guilt and plus an extra helping of true grit. For the 12 Bar pack see here Protein Crunkies or see our full range of Vegan Protein Bars
    From €2.99
    From €2.99
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