White Chocolate Blondie Flavour Whey Protein




It's that time again at TPW™ HQ, the latest flavour innovation has arrived and is tipped to be a MEGA addition to this season's line up. Introducing the brand new WHITE CHOC BLONDIE flavour, a deliciously smooth white chocolate blend, perfect for fuelling your training this Autumn. Now available in three of our best-selling protein powders, check out what the TPW™ genius' had to say about this new flavour:


“A sumptuous blend of creamy white chocolate flavour, with delicate tones of soft Tahitian vanilla
and sweet condensed milk…”


Find the brand new WHITE CHOC BLONDIE flavour right now in:


Whey Protein 80      Diet Whey Isolate 97      Whey Protein SF+

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