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TPW™ have got your back this Summer with some EPIC smoothie ideas to keep you going this season, whether you are a sucker for citrus or love to get in those greens - we've got everything you need right here...



Greens Protein Mix Up

This beauty is for those who struggle to get in their daily greens. This is packed full of spinach, Wheatgrass Powder and all things green - finishing it off with a dash of Wild Raspberry Whey Protein 80 for a protein punch!

+ Handful of spinach

+ 1 scoop Wheatgrass Powder

+ Handful of diced celery

+ 1 scoop Whey Protein 80 (Wild Raspberry)

+ Handful frozen raspberries

+ Ice




Super Berry Amino Blitz

This nutrient packed smoothie is perfect for those hot Summer training days. Packed full of berries, it also includes our best-selling iBCAA, the ultimate post workout refresher!

+ Handful of cranberries

+ Teaspoon of barberries

+ Handful of bluberries

+ iBCAA (Berry Blitz)

+ 100g natural Greek yoghurt

+ Ice





Citrus Summer Shake

We all love fresh orange zest on a hot Summer's day. This citrus powerhouse is everything you need to wake you up first thing in the morning. Protein-packed and full of fruity goodness, get your lips around this one...

+ 1 orange

+ 75g pineapple chunks

+ Lemon zest

+ Ice

+ 100g natural Greek yoghurt





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