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Tpw™ Products Insight

TPW Products Insight 

Can you provide Product Certification?
What's the EXACT protein content in your blends?
Do you use any thickeners or fillers?
What flavourings do you use?
Am I able to cook with whey protein?
What’s better, flavoured or unflavoured protein?
Is the extra price for flavoured protein worth it?
Does the flavouring affect the protein content?
Are your blenders Bisphenol A (BPA) free?
Are you able to offer medical advice?


Can You Provide Product Certification?

Yes, in fact we insist on providing it to you. Every single sourced TPW™ product comes with an independent certificate of analysis to demonstrate its quality. A Certificate Of Analysis (COA) basically breaks down the component elements of the product to effectively show its own internal DNA. It’s to give you reassurance that all the raw ingredients contained within that product are PURE and PROVEN.


What's The Exact Protein Content In Your Blends?

A great question! We tell you the exact proteins and the exact quantities of those proteins within the blend in the PROTEIN INSIGHT section that can be found on the product page of every single one of our proteins. No other company does this and goes to that level of detail but here at The Protein Works™ we believe in being completely honest and transparent.


Do You Use Any Thickeners Or Fillers?

No, absolutely not. So many brands fill their products with fillers and thickeners to mask or hide the sub-standard products but at TPW™ we feel ALL our products should be PURE and only contain PROVEN ingredients. By not using fillers and thickeners it ensures all our products only contain functional ingredients that your body will need and use, nothing else!


What Flavourings Do You Use?

Strictly only premium flavours and colours in all our products since at TPW™ we just believe this is a purer, better tasting way of doing things.


Am I Able To Cook With Whey Protein?

Yes you are able to cook with whey protein and many people do in order to increase the protein content of their food. But it’s important to know that when cooking under very high temperatures the whey protein could become denatured which can result in slower and less effective absorption of the protein. But this is under very high temperatures and so you should be fine making most recipes such as protein brownies, protein enhanced flapjack or even sprinkling it on your oats or cereal in the morning.


What’s Better, Flavoured Or Unflavoured Protein?

There’s no clear cut answer with this one and it’s still debated to this day which is better. But let’s explain the differences so you can decide which one’s best for you. So firstly and most obviously is the taste; many people just prefer flavoured protein because they don’t like the taste of the unflavoured kind. Also quite often if you’re taking unflavoured protein and you’re adding other ingredients to your shake such as dextrose, maltodetrin or oats, it’s the added ingredients and their taste that can be a bit overwhelming.

However on a similar note, some people actually prefer the unflavoured protein so they can then create their own flavourings or actually add things like blended strawberries and blueberries to their shake. For this reason it would make sense to order unflavoured since then you don’t get an overpowering pre-created flavour ruining the taste. However this is completely personal preference and depends entirely on what you like.


Is The Extra Price For Flavoured Protein Worth It?

Another thing to consider is the price since unflavoured protein is obviously less expensive compared to flavoured because of the additional flavouring process it has to undergo. For some people this is ok since they drink their post workout shake in a matter of seconds straight after training but for others they might want to sit at their desk and sip a shake slowly, in which case they’d probably want a nicer tasting shake and wouldn’t mind paying that extra cost for it. But again this is completely down to personal choice.


Does The Flavouring Affect The Protein Content?

One of the main reasons some people prefer unflavoured protein is because it contains less flavourings and is therefore considered a ‘purer’ protein source. Also this lack of colourings also means that unflavoured protein is actually higher in protein content than flavoured protein, which is again another reason some people prefer the unflavoured version since they feel they are getting more protein compared to buying flavoured protein. It must be noted the difference is very small and some people really don’t mind, however to an elite athlete or some nutritionists this can make all the difference, whether psychologically giving them an edge or arguably physically too.


Are Your Blenders Bisphenol A (Bpa) Free?

Yes absolutely. Again in keeping The Protein Works™ promise of being PURE, our blender bottles are made under the highest standard manufacturing process and are Bisphenol A (BPA) free.


Are You Able To Offer Medical Advice?

Unfortunately we’re not allowed to offer any advice or guidance regarding injuries, illnesses or any other conditions that could be deemed ‘medical’ because of the implications involved. Therefore, as with everything we do here at THE PROTEIN WORKS™ with our customer’s health and welfare in mind, we would strongly recommend that you seek the advice of a medical expert should you require advice of this nature.


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