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Egg Protein is without doubt one of the oldest forms of protein in sports nutrition. This is because it’s believed to have one of the highest Biological Values of any protein. What this means is your body is capable of absorbing and using the protein you ingest more efficiently than most other protein sources.

Thankfully THE PROTEIN WORKS™ Egg White Protein 80 means you don’t have to drink your egg protein ‘Rocky Style’. Instead, the premium grade egg protein blends perfectly in a TPW™ shaker to create a smooth, neutral tasting shake. Essentially, you get all the benefits without taxing your gag reflex.

Egg White Protein is also widely known for being low in fat and contains virtually no carbohydrates or sugars. Therefore nutritionally it’s a fantastic addition to most diets. This is why many people who suffer from nutritional intolerances will use Egg White Protein 80. But equally those people who just want to mix up their protein intake will add egg protein to a whey protein or milk protein based shake to create a hybrid, super shake.

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    Egg Protein from The Protein Works™ is a high protein source made from 100% pure egg whites. It is inherently low in fat and carbohydrates and has an excellent amino acid profile. Most importantly, Egg Protein is lactose free making it ideal for anyone with a lactose intolerance.

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