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Here at TPW™, we are insanely passionate about what we do. Our core DNA is daring to challenge the norm and bring you products that re-define current sports nutrition thinking. We didn't come to imitate like so many others, we came to innovate.

With over 25 ground-breaking innovations in our first 12 months, we think we did ok, but we're just warming up! From our acclaimed natural flavours to the UK's first all natural whey protein isolate flapjack, we believe the finest ingredients deliver the best results.



Protein Brownies

#55 - Supergrain Protein Pots

Supergrain Protein Pots boast an impressive array of nutrients, designed to make your breakfast as epic as you are. Its unique formula takes protein porridge to a whole new level with its unique blend of ancient grains, white hemp and sunflower protein. Supergrain Protein Pot is incredibly high in protein, fibre and healthy omega 3 fatty acids. Supergrain Protein comes in handy pots for the ultimate on-the-go breakfast or snack.

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Protein Life-Shake

#54 - Whey Crispy Clusters

Whey Crispy Clusters are delicious high protein treats, fresh from the TPW™ Protein Bakery. Containing premium whey protein isolate, and covered with raw Indonesian chocolate and organic Peruvian cacao nibs, they are the ideal protein-packed snack. Bite sized and perfect for sharing, Whey Crispy Clusters contain our signature natural flavours and come packed in a special TPW “stay fresh” pot, ensuring they keep their awesome taste for as long as possible.

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Protein Brownies

#53 - Protein Brownies

Protein Brownies are what happens when the finest traditional baking methods meet cutting-edge nutritional science in a protein supernova! Baked and boxed fresh, the unique tri-protein blend recipe is exclusive to the TPW™ Protein Bakery and will remain a closely guarded secret by the TPW™ Bakery Ninjas. Protein Brownies possess nutritional greatness to match their awesome taste. Low in sugar, yet high in premium protein and fibre, they are the ideal snack to consume when the munchies strike. In short, performance snacking has never tasted so good.

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Protein Life-Shake

#52 - Protein Mug Cake Mix

Protein Mug Cake Mix is a delicious, gooey chocolate dessert mix that you can whip up in seconds. Another cracking innovation from the team at TPW™ Towers, this indulgent pudding is high in protein and fibre, but contains less than 2g of fat per serving. Protein Mug Cake Mix is formulated with natural flavours and a premium protein blend to deliver an excellent nutrient profile. No cooking skills required, just follow our simple directions. We even give you endless ways to pimp your pud to create the ultimate guilt-free treat.

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Protein Truffles

#51 - Diet Protein Truffles™

Diet Protein Truffles™ could be the greatest diet-inspired creation to ever leave the TPW™ Bakery. This is a bold statement we know, but just one look at the awesome flavours, nutrient profile and unrivalled ingredient list and things become clear. Freshly made and scientifically formulated, Diet Protein Truffles™ are hand-crafted using our award-winning premium whey protein to a highly formulated in-house recipe. This includes microencapsulated CLA, acetyl L-carnitine, chromium picolinate and fat-reduced cocoa powder to create a great tasting snack you can consume any time of the day.

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Protein Life-Shake

#50 - Protein Life-Shake™

Bursting out of TPW™ Towers in April 2015, Protein Life-Shake™ is your ultimate daily health shake. Containing essential nutrients to kick start your day, it combines our award-winning whey protein with an array of vitamins, minerals and amazingly 300 million bacteria per serving. Then it densely packs them into one great tasting, refreshing drink. For this very reason if you’re only going to have one shake a day, make it the Protein Life-Shake™ - taken anytime, anywhere.

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Protein Nutties

#49 - Protein Nutties™

Protein Nutties™ are a unique nutty protein snack, fresh out of the TPW™ Protein Bakery right here in the UK. They are made with 100% natural nut butters and the finest whey proteins. Packed full of healthy mono and unsaturated fats, Protein Nutties™ are designed to fit well into almost any diet and help boost your protein intake. These great tasting protein powerhouses are scientifically formulated by the team at TPW™ using natural ingredients. From organic virgin coconut oil to organic raw cacao nibs, Protein Nutties™ are the ultimate protein snack to consume any time of day when hunger strikes.

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#48 - Red-Cell™

Red-Cell™ has been scientifically formulated by the multi-award winning team at TPW™ to help re-define your lean definition goals. Using break-through dual release technology, Red-Cell™ possesses an outer and inner core designed to efficiently deliver its key ingredients into the body for optimal results. The outer core contains premium grade CLA, while the inner core is an advanced stimulatory formula. This nutritionally advanced mechanism delivers aminos, extracts and fatty acids into the body in the exact quantities and at the exact times in which they are considered most effective. No other supplement even comes close to this level of precision.

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Protein Flapjack Luxe

#47 - Protein Flapjack Luxe

Protein Flapjack Luxe bars are a luxurious high protein snack to consume any time of day. Baked fresh and exclusive in the TPW™ Bakery, you won't find these unique bars anywhere but at TPW™ Towers! Packed full of the finest premium grade ingredients, they not only taste great, but deliver exceptional nutritionals. Protein Flapjack Luxe bars are made from a low GI Super Grain Blend plus cold pressed flaxseed. They are infused with our signature natural flavours and then topped with crunchy high protein granola pieces. In a world of mass produced protein bars, TPW™ Protein Flapjack Luxe bars are a refreshing alternative for those who only want the very best.

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Nitro Blast Shots

#46 - Nitro Blast Shots™

Nitro Blast Shots™ is an innovative preworkout system that is digested directly in the mouth. Its scientifically driven nitro blend formula is ideal to consume 30 minutes before your workout to help get the most from your session. Its unique delivery system gives a popping and fizzing sensation like no other preworkout on the market today. Each shot comes in its own tube for convenience and the nitro blend formula contains 1000mg of D-Aspartic Acid, Beta Alanine & L-Arginine AKG and 500mg of Agmatine, amongst other active ingredients. Nitro Blast Shots™ are ideal for anyone looking for the very latest in preworkout innovations.

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Whey & Greens Supershake

#45 - Whey & Greens Supershake

Whey & Greens Supershake™ combines TPW™ renowned premium grade whey protein concentrate with an impressive blend of superfoods to create a potent protein supershake. High in protein and nutrient dense, this unique hybrid shake offers the ultimate in convenience and high quality formulation in a single protein shake. The superfoods contained in Whey & Greens Supershake™ include wheatgrass, spirulina, green tea, broccoli powder, alfalfa and chlorella, to name but a few. This makes it an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, polyphenols, enzymes, co-factors, adaptogens & trace elements.

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Protein Granola

#44 - Naked Protein Popcorn

Naked Protein Popcorn™ is a little bit different to say the least. Alongside the high performance bespoke formulas we create for elite teams and athletes, we like to have fun with some of our favourite foods and snacks. This time we've taken classic popcorn and given these nutritional gold nuggets the TPW™ treatment! Naked Protein Popcorn™ is made with premium grade Whey Protein Isolate, Organic Popcorn, Organic Coconut Oil and Stevia Extract to create the ultimate high specification protein snack. The ideal snack to boost your protein intake when the munchies strike.

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Whey Protein 80 SF+

#43 - Whey Protein 80 Sf+

Whey Protein 80 SF+ is a ground-breaking whey protein powder, formulated with premium grade whey protein concentrate and unparalleled levels of purity. Whey Protein 80 SF+ is unique as it's manufactured using sunflower lecithin, instead of the commonly used soy lecithin. The result is a next-generation whey protein, ideal for anyone looking for a totally soy-free whey protein shake. It is the UK's first whey protein shake with no added soy lecithin, it also includes Aminogen® and TPW™ natural flavours, making it the purest whey protein on the market today.

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Protein Granola

#42 - Protein Granola

Protein Granola takes the classic granola to the next level and delivers something pretty special. Using the very latest protein fusion technology, we've created a unique super-breakfast to help boost your protein intake. In a range of natural flavours and packed full of oat clusters, Protein Granola not only tastes great, but it is incredibly versatile. It just depends how creative you want to be!

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Genesis Preworkout

#41 - Genesis Preworkout™

Genesis Pre Workout™ is a high potency formula that challenges current pre workout sports nutrition boundaries and thinking. In development for over a year, the Genesis Pre Workout™ formula is based solely on cutting-edge ingredients and incorporates the very latest manufacturing techniques. The result is our most advanced pre workout formula yet, with over 20 active ingredients and optimal amounts of heavily researched amino acids & extracts.

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#40 - Iso-Charge™

Iso-Charge is an advanced isotonic formula specifically designed to contribute to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue during training and competition. Unlike most isotonics on the market today made with simple sugars, which are not ideal for sports performance, Iso-Charge™ uses a totally unique carb and electrolyte blend produced from natural native coconut powder and whey permeate.

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Diet Meal Replacement

#39 - Diet Meal Replacement

Diet Meal Replacement is a ground-breaking fat loss meal replacement shake that re-defines MRP formulations. A high protein, nutrient dense, meal replacement shake specifically designed to aid fat loss, Diet Meal Replacement shake has been enriched with vitamins, minerals and active fat loss ingredients including premium grade Matcha Green Tea, Acetyl L Carnitine and Clarinol® CLA and Konjac Glucomannan, a form of water soluble fibre, that has been found in studies to contribute to fat loss.

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Choc Almond Cinnamon Butter

#38 - Choc Almond Cinnamon Butter

Choc Almond Cinnamon Butter is 100% pure and all natural premium almond butter. It also includes 85% dark chocolate and cocoa from certified Rainforest Alliance™ farms and 100% natural cinnamon to create a unique, great tasting snack. With no added salt or fat, Choc Almond Cinnamon Butter is an excellent source of protein and is high in fibre to help keep hunger at bay.

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Super Greens Advanced

#37 - Super Greens Advanced

The innovative Super Greens Advanced takes all the best bits from our acclaimed and best-selling Super Greens and supercharges it into the most nutritionally advanced greens powder in sports nutrition today. Super Greens Advanced contains an unprecedented 50 of the world's most nutrient dense food sources. Just one serving equates to FIVE portions of fruit and vegetables.

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Supernut Butter

#36 - Supernut Butter™

Supernut Butter™ is another TPW™ first combining the exceptional nutritional benefits of almonds, cashews and hazelnuts in one great tasting high protein food. This innovative multi-sourced nut butter is ultra pure with no added salt, sugar or oil and even includes organic golden milled flaxseed which is high in dietary fibre. 100% natural and is very high in both protein and healthy fats, Supernut Butter™ is the perfect addition to most diets.

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Diet Smoothie

#35 - Diet Whey Protein Smoothie™

Harnessing all the best bits of our original Protein Smoothie sensation, our DIET WHEY PROTEIN SMOOTHIE™ is designed to support your diet and weight loss goals in the delicious Smoothie format. Incorporating TPW™ trademark all natural flavours and real fruit pieces, it has been scientifically engineered with the finest quality active ingredients to help prevent fat storage and promote fat loss. What's more, a single serving contains only 99 calories for the ultimate in weight loss taste sensation.

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Zero Syrups

#34 - Zero Syrups™

Landing in March 2014 to pimp your food and take your taste buds to a whole new level, introducing ZERO SYRUPS™. Zero Syrups™ are irresistible naturally flavoured syrups that contain zero calories, zero carbohydrates, zero fats and zero sugars. They can be used to flavour absolutely anything with virtually no impact on your food's nutritional profile. Made with TPW™ trademark natural flavours, they are incredibly versatile and can fit into almost any diet.

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Breakfast Fuel

#33 - Breakfast Fuel

BREAKFAST FUEL is the ultimate morning protein shake specifically formulated for your morning nutrient window. Breakfast Fuel is an innovative formula engineered to restart and fuel your physical and mental performance throughout the day. Breakfast Fuel incorporates a timed-release protein blend for a tapered delivery of aminos to the body, our low GI supergrains formula and Performance Boosting Vitamin & Mineral Blend™ providing over 200% of your RDA of key Vitamins and Minerals.

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Diet Whey Protein

#32 - Diet Whey Complex Advanced

Introducing the brand new and ground-breaking DIET WHEY COMPLEX ADVANCED - ready to kick start your 2014 fat loss goals. This brand new cutting-edge formula fuses together some of the most revolutionary technologies in sports nutrition to create the most forward thinking fat loss protein shake on the market today. These include Microencapsulation, Prolibra® and the revolutionary Ultracut Protein System™.

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Protein Flapjack Bites

#31 - Protein Grazers™

Protein Grazers™ are convenient bite-size high protein bars packed full of the finest quality whey protein isolate and low GI oats. They harness all the best bits from our immensely popular Whey & Oat Crisp Flapjacks and put the 'cookie jar' well and truly back on the map. Engineered using TPW™ all natural flavours and colours, each Protein Grazer™ is individually wrapped for extra freshness. They are a great tasting snack to consume in between meals or any time of day to boost your protein intake and high in dietary fibre to help keep hunger at bay

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#30 - Stracciatella Flavour

Kicking off 2014 with a bang, the latest all natural flavour innovation fresh out of the TPW™ Lab is undoubtedly something very special. No words could possibly do it justice, but you know us, we'll always do our best: "Our brand new Stracciatella flavour is a luxurious yet classic international combination of smooth velvety Italian vanilla ice cream with tones of dark cocoa and flecked with swirls of real Belgian dark chocolate. The ingredients may be simple but the end-result it delivers is extraordinary!"

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#29 - Aminogen® Added To Whey Protein 80

The highest quality whey protein powder on the market just got even better! From December 2013, our best-selling Whey Protein 80 is now formulated with the breakthrough patented enzyme system, AMINOGEN®. This revolutionary system helps your body to absorb even more free amino acids locked within Whey Protein 80 to increase BCAA retention levels by 250%, nitrogen levels in muscle by 32% and overall amino acid plasma levels by 100%.

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Paleo Protein

#28 - Paleo Protein

Paleo Protein is a premium grade, all natural protein formula that has been engineered adhering strictly to Palaeolithic diet principles. Unlike other products on the market that claim to be based on paleo principles, TPW™ Paleo Protein actually is! If you're looking to follow a paleo diet, you should avoid products that contain sweeteners and flavourings, even if they're natural. TPW™ Paleo Protein instead uses the natural flavour and sweetness from pure fruit & vegetables.

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Greens Powders

#27 - Diet & Muscle Super Greens

Bursting onto the scene in November 2013 and building on the huge success of the original formula, next off the innovation conveyor belt were two brand new revolutionary super greens powder formulas - Diet Super Greens and Muscle Super Greens. Both ground-breaking products incorporate all the nutritional benefits of our best-selling Super Greens powder - but add optimal doses of cutting-edge premium grade ingredients designed to support your training, whatever your goal.

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T Booster

#26 - T-Factor

After a barrage of requests and months of development, we introduced T-Factor in December 2013. Thought to be the most potent, natural T-booster on the market today, it's packed full of impressive dosages of proven ingredients designed to help elevate T-levels and stimulate new muscle growth and strength via a variety of different mechanisms. With that said, it was very little surprise when the promo stock sold out in little over 12 hours.

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Protein Porridge

#25 - Protein Porridge

If Protein Pancake wasn't enough to supercharge your breakfast nutrition, next came Protein Porridge. In our trademark i-SHAKE™ form, this ground-breaking innovation re-defines the classic porridge. Protein Porridge i-SHAKE™ is packed with over 22g of premium grade multi-sourced protein to provide a tapered release, plus over 38g of low GI carbs to help keep you fuelled throughout the day. The ultimate in convenient breakfast nutrition and in four all-natural flavours.

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Rum 'n' Raisin Protein

#24 - Rum 'n' Raisin Ice Cream Flavour

October 2013's flavour innovation was based on a what can only be described as a "truly iconic" flavour, Rum 'n' Raisin Ice Cream offers something very different but is much loved all the same. Made up of a rich creamy base with soft tones of dark rum and sweet juicy raisins blended together to deliver a smooth velvety finish. This one had the TPW™ warehouse rocking on launch day and still remains a favourite. Prepare to take your protein taste buds to a new level!

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Amino Energy

#23 - Amino-NRG

Muscling into play in October 2013, the unique Amino-NRG is a highly formulated cutting-edge amino energy enhancer considered to be one of the best amino acid supplements on the market today. Engineered using a scientific blend of ultra pure amino acids, Amino-NRG has been designed to help dramatically increase your energy, work output, strength, speed, recovery and muscle building potential. The ideal pre or intra workout product to take your training to the next level in 2014.

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#22 - Tpw™ Academy

With our premium grade ingredients, natural flavours and thirst for innovation - it's not surprising that we have attracted many aspiring and established athletes. We introduced the TPW™ Academy as our way of helping these aspiring athletes in our customer base to reach the next level. While other brands throw money at established players, we focused on the grassroots to reward the hard work of those a little lower on the ladder and help you on your way. The Academy programme has now been discontinued.

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Protein Samples

#21 - I-Shake™

Created out of a desire to continually innovate and shake up sports nutrition in Europe, we just believed at TPW™ HQ that the ordinary protein sample sachets used by most sports nutrition providers are a little outdated. So we worked our little magic and came up with the i-SHAKE™! Available in a perfectly sized and durable bottle, they're absolutely ideal to sample any of our massive range of natural flavours or simply as a handy addition for your gym bag!

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Hazelnut Butter

#20 - Dark Choc Hazelnut Butter

Our Nuts & Butts range got even better in October 2013 when we unleashed Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Butter. The little beauty has quickly become a staple in many supplement cupboards as a versatile addition to your shakes or topping for your protein pancakes or a hundred other things to enhance taste, nutrient content and keep hunger at bay. Natural, nutrient-dense and with no added salt or fat - it is 100% pure hazelnut butter blended with 85% dark chocolate and cocoa from certified Rainforest Alliance™ farms.

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Protein Pancake

#19 - Protein Pancake

One we're particularly proud, this one nearly took the warehouse doors with it on launch day! Protein Pancake Mix is a high protein, low GI, great tasting snack. It includes a tri-protein blend of whey, milk and egg protein, Pure Fine Oats, Medium Chain Triglycerides and the natural sweetener Stevia. With over 30g of protein per serving, Protein Pancake contains five times as much protein as a traditional pancake. It is ideal for breakfast or as a convenient snack and continues to dominate kitchens and supplement cupboards all over the UK and beyond.

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Protein Cookies

#18 - Protein Cookies & Natural Flavours

Borne out of popular demand, next came TPW™ Protein Cookies - premium soft baked cookies with as much as 50% protein content. Designed with an optimal balance of protein and carbs, Protein Cookies are a nutrient dense snack incorporating our much acclaimed & innovative all natural flavours. Engineered with up to 37g of pure protein per cookie, they are the ultimate snack to help your muscles repair and regrow on the go or between meals.

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Bespoke Formulas

#17 - Everton Bespoke Sports Nutrition

For the first time in the history of The Premier League, Everton Football Club's first team squad are now supplied with bespoke sports nutrition formulas developed by THE PROTEIN WORKS™. These custom made formulas follow a unique collaboration between TPW™ and Everton to personalise player nutrition at Finch Farm. The end result is pioneering formulas designed to aid recovery post training and post match. Each incorporates the latest cutting-edge research, finest quality ingredients and natural flavours, formulated and manufactured exclusively for the Blues.

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Super Greens Powder

#16 - Super Greens

This one has without doubt become a TPW™ favourite and supplement cupboard staple across the land ever since it's arrival in the Summer of 2013. Super Greens is an extremely potent superfood greens powder formula, packed full of 23 of the world's most nutrient dense food sources, and probably the most comprehensive on the market today. Super Greens is so nutrient dense that a single serving equates to 5 portions of vegetables and fruit. These unique nutritionals can help boost energy levels and detox the digestive system at a cellular level.

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Whey & Oat Protein Flapjack

#15 - Whey & Oat Protein Flapjack

This badboy simply needs no introduction, as we're sure anyone who's remember the launch will vouch. Possibly the most eagerly awaiting product launch of 2013, Whey & Oat Crisp take protein flapjack bar formulation to the next level as the UK's first all natural whey isolate bars. They are totally unique - packed full of premium whey protein isolate, whey isolate crisps and low GI carbs, and 100% natural including dark chocolate pieces and natural flavours.

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The Locker Room

#14 - The Locker Room™

After month's of development, in the Summer of 2013, we launched The Locker Room™ - the social heartbeat of THE PROTEIN WORKS™. This exclusive area belongs to you, our customers, offering a wealth of information on training tips, diet, supplementation and a whole lot more! And the best part, as a TPW™ customer you have 'access all areas' and contribute as much or as little as you like. Create your own blog, chat on the forums or submit an article, The Locker Room™ is here for you to use, pre or post training, to help you smash your own PB's.

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Protein Smoothie

#13 - Protein Smoothie

Whey Protein Smoothie is another unique and exclusive innovation from TPW™. A delicious high protein all natural fruit flavoured whey protein smoothie with added real fruit pieces and supercharged with nutrient dense organic bee pollen. Formulated with whey protein concentrate, isolate and Digezyme®, Whey Protein Smoothie is ideal to help build muscle size and definition. It's low in both carbs & fat, and has only 99 calories per serving.

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Jaffa Cake

#12 - Jaffa Cake Flavour

The great Jaffa Cake epidemic of February 2013 will forever be fondly remembered here at TPW™ Towers. When we launched this little beauty, they said it wasn't possible so we took the challenge up and created a world first! We breathe innovation here at TPW™ and took great pride in creating the world's first ever Jaffa Cake protein shake. Delivering a perfect classic blend of zesty orange and light sponge all wrapped up in smooth milk chocolate. this sets a new standard in protein flavours that we are proud to put our name to.

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Natural Whey Protein

#11 - Naked Whey Protein

Soon after the arrival of Stevia extract at TPW Towers™, we got on the case and launched the UK’s first all natural whey protein powder made using all natural flavourings, colourings, sweeteners and ingredients. Introducing Naked Whey Protein 80 - a ground-breaking premium whey protein shake, ideal for those looking for a high quality protein source to aid muscle growth and repair, with the assurance that it contains absolutely no artificial additives of any kind.

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Stevia Extract

#10 - Stevia Extract

Ultra Stevia Extract 98% from TPW™ is a zero-calorie, zero-carb, zero-Glycemic Index, all natural sweetener. It's ideal for anyone wanting to make any unflavoured powder more palatable without reducing the active ingredients. It can be used as part of a low calorie diet as it has no calories or carbs. It is an effective way of satisfying a sweet tooth without the calories. It is, of course, the sweetener of choice for anyone looking for no artificial additives of any kind and forms the basis of our pioneering Naked Whey Protein 80..

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Free Protein

#9 - Free Protein (Refer A Friend)

We know from experience that no one can promote and recommend our products and service better than our customers. Neither do we have big marketing budgets to splash the cash on all kinds of advertising campaigns. We really appreciate the support we get from all our customers and so we sat down and thought of the best way to say thanks. And after a little bit of technical wizardry, we came up with our FREE PROTEIN referral scheme, rewarding both new customers and those who have been with us since the start and continually (and kindly) spread the word.

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Request a Product

#8 - Request A Product

We know the TPW™ community is full of people with great ideas and suggestions on sports supplementation, so we created our New Product Request feature right from day one. With this service, you have direct access to our New Product Development team and the opportunity to request a new ingredient, a new flavour or new formula. Just another way of giving you unique access to the TPW™ Lab. And if it makes the grade, then you could see one of your ideas be launched as an official TPW™ product and earn some serious TPW™ loyalty points.

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Create Your Own

#7 - Create Your Own

This feature captures two of our major passions - innovation and PERSONAL nutrition. When it comes to customising your nutrition for your own body type and personal goals, we think this is probably as good as it gets. An industry-unique feature, our 'CREATE YOUR OWN' allows you to design a one-off blend to your exact specifications. So not only will you be getting premium sports nutrition personalised just for you, you will also have pure, proven ingredients in a custom blend. We'll even put your chosen name on it!

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Pill Bottles

#6 - Letterbox Friendly Pill Bottles

Our unique letterbox friendly pill containers have been with us from the start and are just one more way we try to help you out. Unlike all other sports nutrition brands who use standard bottles for their pills, capsules and softgels, we have invested in exclusive flat pill containers that stack efficiently on your desk or kitchen shelf. More importantly, they fit through a letterbox. So even if you're not at home when your TPW™ pill order arrives, you can be sure they'll be there waiting for you. No more calling the courier company to try and rearrange delivery for another day.

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Customer Care

#5 - TPW Premium Customer Care™

At TPW™ we believe that the quality of our service needs to match the quality of our product. We want to give you the type of service WE expect and demand when we are the customer. We don't see Customer Service as an inconvenience, but as our chance to shine. Afterall, we know that a happy customer is a returning customer and we want you coming back again and again and again, so we work hard every day to offer a service that does what it says on the tin and exceeds it on a daily basis. This has included hand delivered orders. Now that's what we call PERSONAL nutrition.

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Lifetime Guarantee

#4 - Lifetime Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality and efficacy of our products that we offer an industry-first Money Back Guarantee across every product in our range. We want you to feel comfortable buying from us. Although no other Nutrition company does this and although we cannot even begin to envisage how anyone could not love all of our delicious flavours, in the extreme circumstance that this does happen, then of course we would be happy to take back your product and replace it with a different flavour at the same value at anytime. Can't say fairer than that!

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Protein Breakdown

#3 - Full Protein Breakdown

Nearly all sports nutrition brands on the market today talk about protein content, but that's only half the story. We all know different proteins cost different amounts and have different biological value. At TPW™, we have always specified the protein types and amounts of each one on our labels and on our website so you have complete transparency on what you are buying. You can find full information on every protein we formulate. Just click on the Protein Insight link on a protein product page for the full 'inside scoop'.

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Natural Flavours & Colours

#2 - Natural Flavours & Colours

Natural flavours are stamped into our DNA. Since our very first shake way back in December 2012, we have only ever used natural flavours and colours in all our products. It does cost a little more - and bucks the trend in an industry where most protein products use artificial flavours and colours - but then low quality supplements never did achieve great results. If you are focused on reaching your training goals then you should know exactly what you're putting into your body and ensuring it's the best you can get. Always read the label, front and back!

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Quality Ingredients

#1 - Finest Quality Ingredients

From day one, we have been very selective about the suppliers we work with. As a result, each product in our range contains only the finest quality ingredients. You might think this would make our products expensive, but we can mitigate against charging high prices by agreeing long terms deals with accredited suppliers, buying in bulk and selling direct online to you. All this, plus the fact we manufacture our products in-house mean you get incredible value for money. Something we like to call "premium value".

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Be sure to regularly check out the New Arrivals section on our site for all the latest products to come out of the TPW™ Lab. Plus as always, don't forget if you have have a product idea or request then please get in touch through our unique New Product Request feature. If your idea is used then you could earn 5,000 loyalty points to spend however you want!

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